What led you to start this website?

This is a time of great awakening. So I wanted to be part of the global awakening. I wanted to do my part. That is why I decided to create this blog, even though I was aware that most spiritual blogs do not succeed, especially in this age when blogs in general are declining.


Why did you think that the world needs this website when there are already lots and lots of spiritual websites?

I think that not many of them actually integrate Eastern spiritual teachings and Western spiritual teachings the way I do. I have lived both in the East and the West. I have a pretty good understanding of both cultures and have a strong command of the English language. Therefore, when I introduce Taoist concepts such as Yin and Yang, I naturally deal with the topic in such a way Westerners can easily understand and relate to. When I talk about principles and concepts that are popular in the Western spiritual tradition, I give them a little bit of Eastern/Taoist flavor to enrich them. I think that I am a pretty unique vehicle to deliver all these information which essentially come from the Universe itself.


What do you gain from this website?

Apart from personal satisfaction and growth, absolutely nothing for now. But I am pretty sure I will find a way to monetize it somewhere down the line.


Why do you no longer use your name in the byline?

Since Tao Universe is the name of the blog, I decided to use it as the name of the author. I feel like a lot of messages on this blog come from the Universe itself. Just compare the answers here with any one of my blog posts. You will notice that the tone of writing is different. Here, it is me, a blogger talking about his blog. It is personality-driven writing. However, when I write a spiritual message, I feel like I stream into higher consciousness and serve as an instrument of the Universe. The writing tone is a lot more soulful. I think “Tao Universe” is an apt byline because I feel like those messages are from the Tao Universe, not from me as a person.


A lot of articles have been deleted. What happened?

They are not deleted. I have shielded them from public view to protect the content because some of the content were blatantly stolen without any attribution. This blog used to feature a lot of Buddhist, Taoist and Eastern medicine concepts and principles that are probably not found anywhere else on the Internet. I was appalled when somebody stole portions of my articles on the Five Elements and included them in his e-book word by word to sell it. I adopted a copy protection system to prevent readers from copying anything from this blog. But stealing didn’t stop. So I decided to shield most of specialized content altogether.


What do you mean by specialized content?

I’m referring to book-worthy “in-depth” content. The content you normally find in books, not on websites. For example, all of my posts on karma are no longer available for public view, and a lot of Five Elements and Eastern medicine-related posts are no longer available either.


Will we be able to read those articles again?

I think so. I think that they will be eventually made available as members-only content or in the form of e-book. That way, only those who are genuinely interested will be able to access this kind of information. But it won’t happen anytime soon though.


Does it mean that we can expect e-books from you in the future?

Probably. But I don’t know when it’ll happen. The problem is that I don’t have a lot of free time. Even posting an article once a month here on this blog is not easy for me.


Did you want to become an author?

Yes. I was lucky to have been exposed to a lot of spiritual information, so I wanted to share my knowledge with the world. Then I met Dr. Thelma Barer-Stein, author of “You Eat What You Are,” who believed in my dreams and encouraged me to write a book that would enlighten people. After I wrote a manuscript, she actually became my agent and contacted a number of publishers on my behalf, including New World Library and Hayhouse. While New World Library showed much interest in my manuscript, it did not work out in the end.


I remember reading this story in the About Me section. By the way, what happened to the About Me section? Why did you remove it?

I shared a little bit of my life trajectory in the About Me page. But I removed that page when I came up with the idea of creating this Q&A page. I thought that I can provide personal information in Q&A. Besides, I wanted who I am and what I am to be totally irrelevant to readers. I wanted readers to feel like the real author of my articles is the Universe itself because it is. About Me was no longer necessary.


Are you a Taoist?

No I’m not. I began to study Eastern philosophy and medicine because I fell gravely ill due to unknown causes at a young age. When I was a teenager, I was very sick. But the doctors did not know what was wrong with me. That’s what made me realize the limitations of modern medicine. I also learned taichi from my uncle who was a taichi master and a Taoist. So I’m quite familiar with Taoist and Buddhist philosophy, as well as traditional Eastern medicine.


Are you also familiar with the Bible and the teachings of Jesus?

Yes. Totally.


Do you have social media channels?

Yes, you can follow the Tao Universe on Twitter and Pinterest.


If I follow you, will you follow me back?

If you want me to follow you back, just send me a message on Twitter or Pinterest. I will follow you back.


How about a Youtube channel?

No. I don’t have time to create Youtube videos in addition to what I’m already doing.


But Youtube is more profitable.

Unfortunately for me, I do not think in those terms. I wish I were l little more commercial-minded. Then again, if I were commercial-minded, I wouldn’t have created this blog in the first place, let alone wrote about boring topics like the Five Elements and Eastern medicine. Instead, I would have tried to self-publish my book or pursue an e-book option to make money from it.


Is English your first language?

No. My first language is Korean.


Then do you also have a Korean website or social media channel?

No. As strange it may sound, I write better in English than in my native language. So I stick to the English language.


Why is there no comments section here?

I decided to close the comments area due to a number of reason. I have a very busy schedule. I cannot afford to regularly monitor my blog, which I must do because there are too many spam comments out there. Also, I did not want any distraction. I just wanted to use my time to produce quality content that will be of greater value to the world. But I plan to will activate this feature sometime in the future.


Can I use your materials?

You are free to use the content as long as it is properly credited.


I used your materials without attribution, should I delete it?

Of course. The entire content on this blog is protected by copy right. Therefore, using it without attribution is subject to legal punishment.


Can I print your materials?

I use a content protection system. Therefore, it is technically impossible to print anything from this blog.

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