Coronavirus from a Tao point of view

We are living in a transition time of the Universe, and therefore, many unexpected events are bound to unfold. No matter what happens during the transition time, it is not meant to destroy humanity or the world. There is transformation and healing taking place behind it all.

Why we need to let go of ego control

In the Eastern spiritual tradition, the ego is considered to be a hurdle to our spiritual illumination. In the Korean Zen tradition, in particular, the ego is considered to be a major obstacle.

We are one

We are all interconnected. We are one. When we raise our consciousness, it helps others to raise their consciousness as well. When we choose love and forgiveness, we contribute to making the whole world a better place to live in.

Water season: How winter and cold affect your body

Winter and cold are associated with the Water Element. The Water Element in the human body tends to become debilitated in winter, because when Water energy becomes prevalent in nature, the human body also increases the consumption of Water energy in the body in winter.

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