January 2021

Heal your relationship with food


December 2020

Metal type people: Are you a Metal Element type?


November 2020

Heal your relationship with your body


October 2020

Earth type people: Are you an Earth Element type?


September 2020

How to transform your relationship with the Universe


August 2020

Fire type people: Are you a Fire Element type?


July 2020

Are you aware of your relationship with the Universe?


June 2020

Wood type people: Are you a Wood Element type?


May 2020

Water organs: Kidneys and urinary bladder


April 2020

Yin and Yang of the COVID-19 crisis

Metal organs: Lungs and large intestine


March 2020

Coronavirus from a Tao point of view

Earth organs: Spleen and stomach


February 2020

Let go of ego control and align with divine source

Fire organs: Heart and small intestine


January 2020

Why we need to let go of ego control

Wood organs: Liver and gall bladder


December 2019

We are one

Water season: How winter and cold affect your body


November 2019

Metal season: How autumn and dryness affect your body

Earth season: How late summer and dampness affect your body


October 2019

Fire season: How summer and heat affect your body

Wood season: How spring and wind affect your body


September 2019

Do not make anyone the source of happiness

Five Elements theory: How the 5 Elements govern your life


August 2019

True love is when you align with source energy

Qi Energy: What is Qi and how does it affect us?


July 2019

Taoist sexology: Is sex good or bad for health?

What is a soulmate and a soulmate relationship?


June 2019

Why do we feel so good when we are in love?

Why are we here in Earth school?


May 2019

Real you: You are not who you think you are

Life is a mirror: Be happy in order to be happy

Lasting happiness cannot be found in the external world


April 2019

Korean Buddhist Master Wonhyo: Everything lies within

The 5 Elements theory behind the law of cause and effect

Visualization methods to cleanse karma and karmic habits


March 2019

Karmic forces lose power when you live in the present 

Karmic habits and the fox with nine tails story                                       

What is karmic habits and how does it differ from karma?    

Why we should embrace pain and suffering with love   


February 2019                          

Cheo Yong: How to positively respond to negative situations           

Activate the power of love energy to transform your life         

Negative karma: Change your perception and state of being  

You have the power to change karma           


January 2019                         

Karma: You are responsible for everything in your life            

Water Element: Release fear and trust the Universe         

Metal Element: Let go and don’t hold onto sorrow         

Earth Element: Relax, think less, and worry less       


December 2018

Fire Element: Learn the value of balance           

Wood Element: Release anger and do not hold rancor        

The human body is a microcosm of the universe       


November 2018            

The Five Elements in Taoism and Eastern Medicine 

We are already perfect as we are                                         

Happiness is our natural state                                                 


October 2018

Ultimate freedom is already with us                                          

The Universe has opened doors         

Cosmic season theory: The Universe has four seasons                             

Yang to Yin transition


September 2018                                               

Yin type vs. Yang type: Which type are you?                                     

Yin Yang philosophy: You can be happy even in misfortune                

How to use Yin and Yang for health and well-being             

Yin and Yang: What is Yin and Yang?                                                                        


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