The Tao Universe is a Korean spiritual blog dedicated to providing wisdom and guidance for spiritual living.

On this blog, you will embark on a spiritual journey to wholeness. You will tap into information that will guide you to look at life from a higher perspective, bring healing to your life, and transform your life experiences into a more desirable set of experiences.

You will also learn key concepts in Eastern philosophy, mysticism, and medicine, as well as how to apply them to your daily life for your benefits.

Some of the information will be presented from a practical viewpoint, rather than from a philosophical viewpoint, and therefore, some of the content could sound like medical advice. However, please note that it is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be medical advice.

Though rooted in Taoist philosophy, the Tao Universe is not a Taoist blog. It is open to all spiritual teachings that resonate with wisdom and truth. Therefore, you will find teachings from the Western spiritual tradition integrated into this blog as well. This blog is not just for the followers of Eastern philosophy, but is for everyone.

When I use the word Tao, it does not necessarily mean the Tao in Taoist philosophy either. The word Tao represents to me a state of perfect balance, spiritual enlightenment, and cosmic unity. That is why I chose the name Tao Universe for this blog. My goal was to create a blog that will help people to achieve their Tao and also help me to achieve my own personal Tao. It was created out of a pure desire to do something worthwhile that will bring value to people at a deeper level.

This blog is designed to help people transform their lives, but at the same time, it is also my personal haven, my own Tao Universe, where I can grow, expand, and tune into a higher stream of consciousness.

It is my hope that as you keep visiting the Tao Universe, you will experience the Tao in your daily life and ultimately transform your life altogether.

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