About Me

I embarked on an intensive spiritual journey at a relatively young age. Everything began when I fell severely ill for unknown causes at the age of 12 years old. This experience greatly affected me, and as a result, I began to explore Eastern philosophy and medicine, as well as New Thought teachings.

After I graduated from high school, I even received ESP (extra sensory perception) training, during which time I learned about the infinite power of the human subconscious mind and witnessed people bending spoons with their minds only.

While I was in college, I delved deeper into spiritual practices. I daily practiced taichi, qigong, and meditation. In addition, I read tons of books on metaphysical, spiritual, and self-development themes. I also dreamt of writing a spiritual book of my own in the vein of Shakti Gawain’s Living in the Light, Gary Zukav’s Seat of the Soul or Sanaya Roman’s Living With Joy.

In 2004, I met Dr. Thelma Barer-Stein, author of “You Eat What You Are,” who believed in my dreams and encouraged me to write a book that would enlighten people. After I completed a manuscript, she actually became my agent and contacted a number of publishers on my behalf, including New World Library and Hayhouse. While New World Library showed much interest in my manuscript, it did not work out in the end.

Years have passed since then. As my spiritual knowledge deepened further, I found myself increasingly wanting to share my knowledge with other people. Instead of trying to get a book published, however, I decided to simply start a blog. This time, my goal is not only to share my knowledge with the world, but also to create my own personal bible to which I can turn for my own spiritual growth and personal guidance.

I plan to post articles that I enjoy writing and that would be of value to readers. Topics will include pretty much everything one would expect from this type of blog, everything from spiritual enlightenment to alternative healing. I hope this blog will benefit all readers who are on a spiritual journey.

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