How to tap into the power of visualization

Reality is far more malleable than it appears

Think of a dream that felt like reality. Whether it be a beautiful dream or a nightmare, it feels so real. But yet, everything disappears the moment we wake up. From the soul’s perspective, our lives are like a dream. Reality is not as solid as we think it is. What is so remarkable about it is that since our reality is like a dream, we can choose to dream a different “dream.”

use the power of visualization

Use the power of visualization

We can use the power of imagination to create positive changes in our inner and outer reality. We can go one step further and use visualization techniques to achieve more specific results.

The best time to tap into the power of visualization is right before you go to sleep or right after you wake up. It has to be practiced in the right way to have satisfactory results.


Here is a simple visualization method that everyone can practice.

– Sit in a comfortable position.

– Relax your body and calm your mind.

– Focus on your respiration.

– When you inhale, imagine that you are taking in pure energy from the Universe. When you exhale, imagine you are breathing out stale energy from your body.

– Picture a screen in front of your eyes.

– On the screen, create a scene in which you see your dream coming true. You start out, as if you were watching a movie. Remember that this is your own movie.

– Then slowly place yourself in the movie. Become the protagonist of the movie. Now, you are no longer a mere spectator. You are actually in the movie, living out your dream.

– If you want to make a certain amount of money, visualize it and see yourself reveling in the money. If you want a new house, picture yourself moving into the house of your dream and being congratulated for it.

– Feel the excitement. Feel your heart pumping with joy and happiness. Make the positive feeling as vivid as possible.

– As you finish the visualization, affirm that it will come true. 

– Open your eyes. Rub your hands together. Make them warm and wash your face with your dry hands. With your fingers, rub the entire head from the forehead to the upper neck.

Use symbols and make your visualization vivid

Due to the changing nature of reality in our days, our visualization works faster and more efficiently than before. You can be creative when you use the power of visualization. Create symbols.

For example, if you are looking for a job, visualize a ray of light emanating from your heart, moving like a spiral toward a potential employer. Make a heart connection with your potential employer at the energy level. Energy follows thoughts. Make your visualization as vivid and real as possible. In your mind’s eye, see a smile on the face of a potential employer. 

If you want to find the house of your dream, you can visualize the same ray of light beaming at the place. Visualize the light reaching the house and connecting you to the house. Feel the joy. See yourself living in the house you have set your heart on.

Importance of letting go

There is one crucial point that many people are unaware of when they practice visualization. In order to really tap into the power of visualization, it is necessary to remain detached from the outcome and totally let go. You should not insist that what you visualize will come true in physical reality, for when you get attached to the desired outcome, you create resistance. 

The goal should be to transform your inner reality, not your outer reality. Once sufficient changes are made in your inner reality, your outer reality must reflect those changes because your outer reality is a mirror of your inner reality. Life is a mirror.

If you engage in visualization to change your outer reality for all to see, that will create resistance. Once resistance is created, it slows down the whole process. When there is resistance, it slows down the transformation of your inner reality, which is necessary to implement changes in your outer reality. Your inner reality must change first, in order for outer reality to change. So when you practice visualization, your mindset should be like this:

Intend to practice visualization for the sheer joy of it, not to achieve your goal in physical reality.

• See yourself achieving your goal in your mind and experience joy. Once you experience that joy and happiness, make that enough.

• Let go of the need to make your dreams come true in physical reality. Do not demand that life fulfill your dreams.

Things to remember

When you practice visualization, also make sure to examine if you are comfortable with what you are mentally creating. If you sense subtle resistance from inside, it is possible that the fulfillment of your desire could derail you from your higher path.

Visualization can work wonders in your life when repeated over and over without attachment to the desired outcome. It is an efficient way to draw what you want into your life. 

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