Earth in mid-life: Why middle-aged adults gain weight easily

Earth energy in mid-life

The energy of the Earth Element is the energy of nourishment and balance. It is the energy that promotes maturity and stability. Naturally, when we are in the Earth era of life, we tend to be more mature and stable than ever. According to the Five Elements theory, the Earth era corresponds to mid-life.

As we reach the middle age, there is a rise of Earth energy in our system. Naturally, most of us shed the traits of the Fire Element and increasingly adopt the characteristics of the Earth Element. Consequently, instead of seeking pleasure and excitement, we generally look for security and stability. Instead of only concerning  with ourselves, we think of our family, seeking to create a better environment for them.

This is the time when we generally become ideal members of our family, community or country. We generally become more reliable and dependable. We generally become more patient with others and more tolerant of opposing views. We also become more responsible and mature and do not act as rashly as we did in our youth.

Our increased sense of self, compassion and maturity enable us to render services to other people whether they are our children, spouse or other community members. In family, the Earth era is the time when we can truly fulfill the role of parents.

If the Fire Element brings out passion in us, the Earth Element brings out balance and maturity. If the Fire Element fills us with bursting energy, the Earth Element leads us to become more well-grounded and serene, according to the Five Elements theory.

Therefore, while many of us become more balanced and centered, we also experience a lack of passion during this phase of life. Love and fantasy do not excite us any much. We don’t fall in love as easily as we did when we were young. We become more interested in practical matter. We desire warm companionship more than a “hot” love relationship. These characteristics reflect the characteristics of the Earth Element.


Why middle-aged adults tend to gain weight

The impact of the Earth Element could also be negatively expressed in us when we reach the middle age, as some of us also exhibit stubborn, narrow-minded, miserly or meddlesome qualities, which are also manifestations of the Earth Elements.

Physically, the tendency of the Earth Element to accumulate could manifest in weight gains in our middle years. Actually, many middle-aged adults tend to gain weight, reflecting Earth’s tendency to accumulate.

The tendency to accumulate could also mentally manifest when we develop a strong desire to accumulate material possessions, such as a house, cars, furniture and clothes, which is also common for middle-aged adults.

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