Power of imagination: Imagination is a wonderful gift of life

Power of imagination

Imagination is one of the greatest gifts we have received from the Universe. And, we can deliberately use the power of imagination to create joy and happiness in our lives. In fact, when we tap into the power of imagination, we can create miracles in life.

Imagination is real. Imagination is creation. If we can picture something in our mind and energize it with our emotions, we can realize it in the physical world.

All innovative inventors resorted to the power of imagination to create inventions. All acclaimed artists resorted to the power of imagination to craft masterpieces. It has an infinite potential. If we correctly activate the power of imagination, we can achieve miracles in life.

Imagination transcends the confines of time and space. It connects us to a creative source within. When we wisely use our imagination, we can instantly achieve happiness and joy right here right at this moment, without changing a single external condition in our lives. And if we manage to maintain this happiness and joy, our outer world will change accordingly because life is a mirror.

imagination is the greatest gift

Imagination is creation

Although imagination is an extraordinary gift that is meant to greatly help us in this physical dimension, not many of us use this gift wisely and some of us even use the power of imagination to our detriment, albeit unknowingly. Very few of us exercise deliberate control over what we create in our minds.

We are creator beings. As creator beings, we have the power to create with our minds. If we can create a vivid picture of success and hold on to it without generating resistance, we will probably succeed. If we create a vivid picture of failure and continue to energize it with fear, we will probably fail.

It is now time for us to use this gift called imagination wisely, with the realization that imagination is a priceless gift given to us. We should be more careful with what we conjure up in our minds and start to exercise more control over it.

What we conjure up in our minds does not simply remain in our heads and disappear. What we create in our minds affects our reality. Especially if it is repeated over and over and is accompanied by vivid emotions, it becomes a powerful force that leads to a manifestation in our physical reality.

Given that imagination is such a powerful tool to create, we can use imagination to create inner peace, harmony, and love in our daily lives. We can use imagination to achieve our goals and make our dreams come true.

What we imagine in our mind is a creation in itself. Imagination is creation.

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