Fire in youth: Why young people fall in love so easily

Fire in Youth

According to the Five Elements theory, the Fire era of human life corresponds to the period of youth. It is the time when we are governed by the flourishing energy of the Fire Element. For example, due to the explosive energy of the Fire Element, we develop pimples when we are in our youth days.

According to the Five Elements theory, the energy of the Fire Element promotes joy, love, passion, abundance and development. It also offers us inspiration, intuition and a desire to nourish an intimate relationship or friendship.

Due to the radiant energy of the Fire Element, our outer appearance tends to peak in our young adulthood. The Fire Element gives a sparkle to our eyes and fills us with bursting energy. We all have heard that love makes people beautiful. When we are in love, it stimulates the energy of the Fire Element and thus our looks naturally become more radiant. When we are in the Fire Elemental phase of life, we also tend to ooze vitality, energy and beauty.


Why do young people fall in love so easily?

The Fire Element often fills us with sexual energy and that is why many of us become sexually more active in summer when the Fire Element prevails in nature. When we become an adolescent, the Fire Element also triggers sexual urges in us. During the adolescent years, our hormones increase and our gender traits become more pronounced in us.

As we become capable of procreating, our interest in the opposite sex also mounts. Love and romance fascinate us. Many of us experience the intense feeling of love during this time whether it is one-sided or mutual. We could fall in love with someone who would be inappropriate to bond with romantically, such as our teacher. We could also frequently experience love at first sight.

The passion we taste during this phase tends to be short-lived, since the Fire Element does not bring much depth to our relationships. Like a flame that can be easily set ablaze and easily quenched, the fleeting sensation of passionate love frequently comes and goes during this phase of life.

Given that the Fire Element draws us to glamour, it is not surprising that some of us idolize entertainers or become obsessed with them in our youth days. The energy of this Element sometimes carries us away with unrealistic dreams or fantasies. It also makes many of us sensitive and emotional. However, no matter how glowing we may look from outside, the Fire Element rarely brings us something that has real substance or a lasting value.

Therefore, we are invariably subject to insecurity, confusion and emptiness when we are in the Fire Elemental phase of life. The Fire Element could lead us to seek pleasure, excitement and adventure at the cost of balance and security. Therefore, when we are in this phase of life, guidance and support are essential in order for us to remain grounded and stay on track.

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