What are you programming yourself to attract?

In today’s post, I would like to share with you a well-known Korean story about a man named Ondal and a princess, which teaches us an important lesson about the power of the mind.


The story of Ondal and Princess Pyeonggang

In the 6th century Goguryeo, King Pyeongwon had a daughter named Princess Pyeonggang who always cried. Once she started crying, nothing could stop her. One day, she began her fit again and King Pyeongwon admonished her, “If you don’t stop crying this minute, I’ll give you to Ondal, and you’ll have to marry him.” The princess had heard that Ondal was a mentally deranged man who looked like a monster.       

Scared, the princess stopped crying. From then on, whenever the princess cried, King Pyeongwon said, “If you keep crying, I will give you to  Ondal.” Sometimes, it deterred her from crying. Other times, it didn’t. When she didn’t take notice and continued to cry, King Pyeongwon scolded the young princess: “You are a helpless child. You really deserve to marry Ondal. You will marry Ondal when you grow up!”

Many years passed. When the princess matured into an adult, King Pyeongwon decided to marry her to a noble statesman named Ko, but yet the princess obstinately refused to marry Ko. When she repeatedly rejected his order to wed Ko, it infuriated the king so much that he cast her out of the royal palace.

Once she left the palace, the princess began to look for Ondal. She was so curious to see whether or not he was as hideous as he was supposed to be. It was not very difficult to find Ondal’s dwelling where his mother profusely welcomed the Royal Highness. When the princess met Ondal she soon realized that the rumor was untrue and that he actually had a kind and innocent heart. The princess began to take pleasure in Ondal’s company. In fact, the time spent with him proved to be exhilaratingly liberating for the princess who had led a sheltered life inside the palace.

Finally, she ended up marrying him to the shock of everybody including King Pyeongwon.

Reflection on the story                        

Since Princess Pyeonggang was a child, her father repeatedly told her that she would marry Ondal. Although he did not mean it, the princess did exactly what she was “programmed to” do, and circumstances unfolded in such a way that brought her to Ondal. She was repeatedly made to imagine herself getting married to Ondal and created a lot of emotions around it. In the end, that is exactly what she did after many years.

If we think about it, many of us treat ourselves in a way similar to how the king in the story treated his daughter. We terrorize ourselves and feed our minds with toxic ideas. We thereby create unwanted experiences in our lives, albeit in an unconscious manner. This is something we must stop doing.

What we create in our inner space affects our outer experience in one way or another. The world is a mirror. Life is a mirror. What we repeatedly affirm to ourselves will come true in some way, if it is accompanied by powerful emotions.

We are not mere physical beings. We are spiritual beings having a temporary experience here on the earth plane. As spiritual beings, what we imagine in our minds is a reality in itself. When we imagine something, we create something. And when we repeatedly energize this creation with powerful emotions, it can manifest in physical reality for all to see.

Knowing that our thougths and emotions create our experiences, we can start exercising deliberate control over our thoughts and emotions. We can bring more consciousness into our habitual thoughts and emotions. We can wisely use the power of thoughts and emotions.

Nothing in life happens due to whimsical decisions made by some divine agency. We are ultimately responsible for everything that occurs in our lives. 

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