Wood in childhood: Why children grow so fast

The Five Elemental phases in human life

Starting with this post, I will go back to the Five Elements theory and explain how the Five Elements manifest in human life cycle from conception to death. Although I already explained it in How 5 Elements Govern Your Life, I will explore it in a more detailed manner.

According to the Five Elements theory, as all lives are originated in the sea, our lives begin in Water. When we reside in our mothers’ wombs, we are governed by Water energy. When we are at this phase of life, we are akin to a tiny seed that has a limitless potential to grow into a towering tree.

Then after ten months’ waiting period in our mothers’ bodies, we bring our bodies out into the world and thereby, the Wood Elemental phase begins, successively followed by the Fire, Earth and Metal Elemental phases. Finally, we go back to Water and die in Water since our death is governed by the Water Element.


Wood era

Now let’s begin with the Wood phase of human life, the Wood era which is childhood through early adolescence. In childhood, there is a rise of Wood energy in our system to promote growth and development.

Fundamentally Yang in nature, it is the Wood Element that makes children active, noisy, restless and excitable. Also the Wood Element’s aptitude to change is reflected in children’s ever-changing emotions and their short attention span.

According to the Five Elements theory, Wood energy is an exhilarant, expansive, vigorous, and vibrant energy that promotes growth and development.

Thanks to this energy, our bodies can rapidly develop muscles and joints, which enables us to walk and run. The power of the Wood Element lies in its enormous capacity for growth and development.

Wood energy behind growth and development

When we are at this phase of life, our bodies develop on a daily basis. In addition to the physical development, we also undergo phenomenal development in our mental and emotional capacity. Not only do we learn how to speak, but we also adopt the cultural and behavioral patterns, as well as the values of those around us, through observation and interaction.

We shape our emotions and personality traits. We learn how to adapt to the environment and interact with others. In a way, the process of growth is akin to metamorphosis. A newborn baby transforms into a child who is capable of walking and speaking.

According to the Five Elements theory, it is the power of the Wood Element that brings about this “metamorphosis.”

According to the Five Elements theory, the Wood Element manifests in every plant and animal that undergoes the process of growth. The energy of the Wood Element transforms a tadpole into a frog and an acorn into an oak tree.

Imagine a tadpole and see how it differs from the frog it will eventually grow into. Compare an acorn with an oak tree and see how they differ from each other in size and shape. The energy of the Wood Element enables plants to sprout from hard seeds and leads them to grow. The same energy governs us in our infancy and childhood and that is why such a rapid metamorphosis-like growth is possible during this phase.

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