People are mirrors: Heal your social relationships

As mentioned in this post, the world is a mirror. Life is a mirror. Likewise, the people around us reflect back to us what we carry inside and how we treat ourselves.

Are you generally annoyed by rude people? Are you often bothered by the way some people treat you?

If you are, you may want to examine how they mirror parts of you that need to be healed and embraced. Start viewing people around you as a mirror and heal your unpleasant relationships with other people.

When you can think of your interactions with others as a mirror of yourself, you can learn a lot from them. For instance, you generally consider yourself kindhearted. Then one day, you have an argument with your colleague and storm outside the office. You blame your colleague for making you so angry. However, it is not him who created such anger in you.


Given that the world is a mirror, nobody can provoke anything that does not already exist in you. The person you are mad at actually acted as a catalyst to awake the emotion that has been dormant in you. Everything starts from within.

It is hard for most of us to become aware of what is growing in our inner mindscape. Therefore, our souls continue to draw certain people who would mirror our shadows. You can learn so much from your relationships with others.

Likewise, when we criticize certain traits of others, there is a reason we pay attention to those particular traits that we are criticizing. It is likely that we actually possess the same traits or at least the essence of those traits which could have manifested in other ways for us. Therefore, when we criticize others, our criticism is also directed at ourselves.

When you find yourself criticizing other people, turn the focus onto yourself. Examine how your criticism of others applies to your own weaknesses. You can learn something about yourself from every interaction you have with other people, since they reflect back to you what you carry inside and what you need to heal inside.

If we truly embrace our weaknesses, we wouldn’t pay much attention to others’ shortcomings.

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