Take your power back and heal painful memories

Take your power back and heal painful memories

As mentioned in World is a mirror: heal your wounds from the world, the world is a mirror. Since it is a “mirror,” it actually does not have real power over you. The world reflects to you what you carry inside in order for you to heal, learn, and grow. This is something you need to take to your heart. When you truly understand this principle, you can regard all painful experiences in the past as learning experiences that contributed to the growth of your soul. You realize that nothing in the world cannot really hurt you. This is how you take your power back and learn to heal painful memories of the past.

heal your past memories

Everything that happens in your life teaches something about you

Everything happens in our lives teaches something about ourselves. No matter how unpleasant it may be, it is an opportunity for us to learn and grow. There is no reason to continue to carry any wound in your hearts when you realize that all the painful experiences were learning experiences and that they actually served your higher good.

You can heal painful memories by donning a higher perspective

Given that the world is a mirror of our inner space, our attention should be directed inward when we face challenging issues, so that we can really learn and grow from the experience. Let me give you an example: A woman invested a lot of money in her friend’s multi-level marketing company. But it turned out to be an “illegal pyramid scheme” and she lost a lot of money. She felt greatly hurt by the experience and felt angry not only toward her friend, but toward the world in general.

However, if she realizes that the world is a mirror of her inner space, she would be able to make use of this occasion to learn something about herself. Instead of brewing negative feelings, she could examine how the experience mirrors her beliefs, conviction or pain that are folded up inside of her. She could examine if she has betrayed herself in one way or another. She could ask herself whether she feels unworthy of trust. She could also examine her beliefs about human relationships.

Maybe she could be wary of the human nature. Maybe she could think that people cannot be trusted. Perhaps, the whole experience was a way to exhaust her karmic debt. As she engages in self-introspection, she would be able to make a tremendous spiritual growth she would not have been able to make without this painful experience. With this knowledge, she can not only make peace with it and heal the pain, but also use this painful experience as an opportunity to achieve spiritual illumination.

The outer world cannot hurt you

From the soul’s perspective, the outer world is an illusion created for our growth. It the growth that matters. It is our response that matters. It is our perception that matters. Remember: the outer world cannot hurt you. The outer world does not have real power over you. It is time to take back your power.




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