World is a mirror: Heal your wounds from the world

The world is a mirror

Some of us have been deeply hurt by the world and still carry the wound inside. Indeed, the world can be an extremely cold place, and it is easy to develop hidden resentment toward the world we live in. There are many of us who believe that we live in a world where we do not have control and where unwanted things happen in a random manner independently from our inner space. However, this is not so.

The outer world is not as solid as it appears to be. To the contrary, it is actually illusory and substanceless. As mentioned in Life is a mirror: We must be happy in order to be happy, our life is a mirror and the outer reality is a mirror of our inner reality. The world we live in can be seen as a mirror of our inner space.

world is a mirror

The world does not have power over you

No matter what you see in a mirror, you do not feel offended by what you see because you understand that a mirror merely reflects what is in front of it. If you feel wounded by the world, it is like being wounded by a mirror. It is like blaming the mirror for showing you a frowning face, instead of a smiling face. There is a certain insanity to it. You’ve been giving way too much power to the world. The world does not have power over you. It is only a mirror. You have the power and you’ve had the power all along.

Change your perception of the world and find liberation from the world

When you change your perception of the world and begin to see the world as a mirror of your inner space, you take back your power. You no longer demand that the world make you happy, just like you do not demand that a mirror show you a smiling face. If you want to see a smiling face in the mirror, you simply smile. Likewise, if you want to be happy, you directly go for the feeling of happiness within, instead of demanding that the world make you feel happy.

The outer reality is essentially illusory. Physical reality is not real. What is real lies within. With this knowledge, you can stop trying to manipulate illusions and directly work on what is real. When you realize that the outer world is a mirror, you realize that the outer world cannot really hurt you. You can heal your wounds from the outer world and find liberation.

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