Water type people: Are you a Water Element type?

Most people have a particular affinity to one or two elements in the Five Elements system. These characteristics often manifest in their personality traits, behaviors, and tendencies. In this post, I will explain the characteristics of Water type people.

Water type people have a strong affinity to the Water Element, which manifests in self-sufficiency, privacy, solitude, and a search for truth. Water type people often have the need to be alone. They tend to be private and do not feel comfortable talking to strangers. Compared to Wood or Fire type people, Water type people are not as quick-tempered or volatile. Water type people tend to be persevering, patient, and genuine. They generally do not like confrontation. However, when it comes to something they truly believe in, Water type people can be highly opinionated and hard-headed.

Water type people tend to have relatively large kidneys and a relatively large urinary bladder. Their affinity with the Water Element sometimes manifests in their relatively small forehead and deep-set eyes. Water type people tend to become easily suspicious and critical of others. They do not easily open their hearts, so it takes time to really bond with Water type people. But once you become friends with them, the friendship tends to last long.  

water people

1) Water type people tend to score high on the following questionnaire.

Are you generally introverted?

Is it important for you to take time to be alone without external distractions?

Are you perceived to be somewhat mysterious?

Do you often create your own world of imagination?

Does it really bother you when someone intrudes on what you consider to be your private space?

Do you generally remain calm and composed when you encounter thorny problems?

Do you prefer solitary work to group work?

When you meet a stranger for the first time, does it make you uncomfortable?

Are you sometimes perceived to be eccentric by others?

Do you tend to have a fair amount of secrets that you would like to keep only to yourself?

When you drive a car, do you tend to give in to other cars?

Although you are generally flexible, do you become extremely stubborn and strong-minded when it comes to something you truly believe in?

Do you tend to have a strong resolve and tenacity to achieve your goals?

Do you have healthy teeth?

Do you often perceive and pay attention to what others would not even recognize?

Do you think you have active imagination?

Do you tend to avoid getting into an intimate relationship because of your need to be alone?

Do you tend to be patient with yourself and others?

2) Water type people could also score high on the following questionnaire, if their Water Element is unhealthy.

In the face of a problem, do you usually create the worst scenario possible in your head?

Are you generally suspicious of other people and believe that people cannot be trusted?

Do you feel like that you are in a somewhat hostile world and you have to always watch out to protect yourself from potential danger?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for winter?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for a cold day?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for evenings and nights?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for salty foods?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for the black color?

Do you dread the dark?

Do you have many fears?

Do you have thinning hair or excessive gray hair?

Do you tend to urinate more often than others?

Do you tend to be paranoid?

Do you have problems with your kidneys or bladder?

Do you have a fear of heights?

Do you tend to be cynical?

Do you have any sexual problems, such as a lack of libido or impotence?

Do you tend to be forgetful?

Do you easily become exhausted after a sexual activity?

Do you suffer from deteriorating eyesight or hearing?

Do you have dark circles around the eyes?

Do you have any problem or discomfort in the joints or spine?

Does the skin under your eyes become frequently puffy?

water people

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