Heal your relationship with food 

Food is an essential source of energy

Food is an essential source of energy. When we consume food, we absorb not only vitamins, protein and calcium, but also the energy of Yin and Yang. Fruits and vegetables are a superb source of natural energy because they directly come from Earth. They provide our bodies with refreshing and soothing Yin energy.

Natural products are far better than processed food in terms of energy as well. For example, rice provides better and more natural energy than pasta. Meat provides invigorating Yang energy. Yet, since it derives from animals, the energy of meat is not as pure as the energy of vegetables. Therefore, it is naturally recommended to eat meat together with vegetables and fruits.

relationship with food

Do you have a dysfunctional relationship with food?

Many of us have a dysfunctional relationship with food. Many of us are too aware what food is healthy and what food is unhealthy. Because of this awareness and knowledge about food, we often create resistance when we eat. There are so many unhealthy foods out there, and oftentimes, our food sources are contaminated. Naturally, we seldom feel that the food we consume will make us healthy, strong, and disease-free.

Besides, many of us daily consume certain food that we deem unhealthy. We eat what we consider unhealthy anyway, because we like the taste or it is convenient to cook and eat.

It would be best if we eat only healthy, nutritious food. However, whether we change our diet or not, we still need to change our attitude toward the food. Many of us have a dysfunctional relationship with food, but are unaware of it. We may need to heal our relationship with food first before changing our diet.

To heal your relationship with food, there are only two things that you need to do: 1) feel good about the food you eat and 2) enjoy the act of eating as much as possible.

Feel good about the food you eat no matter what

In order to heal your relationship with food, you must feel good about the food you choose to eat. Once you begin to eat, do not make any judgment about what you are eating. Do not say anything negative about the food you are consuming.

For example, if you crunch on potato chips and say to yourself, “Chips have high calorie content. They will make me fat,” the potato chips will surely help you to gain weight, so to speak. Similarly, if you munch on fast food, worrying about how it can increase your cholesterol level and undermine your health, it will certainly have negative effects on your body.

Our mind has creative power. Whatever we picture repeatedly in our mind has a tendency to manifest in the physical world. Therefore, even if we eat what is considered to be unhealthy, we should mentally affirm that this food will contribute to creating a healthier body.

We can be more selective about the food we consume. Once we decide to eat something, however, we should feel good about what we are eating. Many of us are aware of unhealthy ingredients in food and we eat our food with that very awareness, which causes a highly “dysfunctional relationship” with food.

Enjoy the act of eating as much as possible

While many of us pay attention to what we eat, very few of us pay attention to how we eat. In our days, most of us do not savor the act of eating. We chat, watch television, or direct our minds to something else while eating. Eating has become an automatic process: We pick up food, munch on it and then swallow, while the mind is meandering from one thing to another. We seldom appreciate the food we are eating even though food is the essential component to sustain life.

Although eating is directly related to our survival, most of us are caught up in our daily lives to such an extent that we have made eating an automatic process. We no longer enjoy the act of eating. It is time that we bring more consciousness to the act of eating and appreciate the food we are consuming. It is time that we start to enjoy eating.

We can develop the ability to truly enjoy the act of eating. For example, when we eat, we can whole-heartedly involve in the act of eating. We can delight in the taste and feel the wonderful sensation of quenching our hunger. We can even mentally see the food getting digested internally.

Points to remember

• Be selective about food before you eat.

• Once you choose to eat something, suspend all judgment and bless the food whole-heartedly.

• Feel good about the food you eat (even if you are eating junk food).

• Direct your mind to the act of eating while you are eating.

• Enjoy eating as much as you can.

When we eat food, it should be a time of fun. It should be a time of appreciation and relaxation. We can even turn it into a meditative experience if we are eating alone. We can mentally affirm that our body will absorb only those that are beneficial and filter those that are harmful. It is a wonderful time to visualize the body we desire. We can affirm that the food will contribute to shaping that body. 


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