Metal type people: Are you a Metal Element type?

Most people have a particular affinity to one or two elements in the Five Elements system. These characteristics often manifest in their personality traits, behaviors, and tendencies. In this post, I will explain the characteristics of Metal type people.

Metal type people have a strong affinity to the Metal Element, which expresses itself in order, precision, organization, condensation, and contraction. Therefore, they tend to keep everything in order and eliminate anything that is unnecessary and extraneous.

For example, Metal type people are likely to dispose of household items that they do not use, instead of keeping them for future use. Their room tends to be clean and well-organized. In fact, they have strong aversions to dwelling in a messy place. Their aptitude for organization often manifests in their neat and tidy appearance as well. For example, their hair is nicely combed; their clothes are wrinkle-free; and their collars are always straight up.

Metal type people have relatively large lungs and a relatively big large intestine. Sometimes, their strong affinity to the Metal Element physically manifests in their square-shaped facial structure. Metal type people tend to lack the drive and energy of Wood or Fire people. Instead of what they consider to be superficial, many of them take more interest in deeper issues.

Many Metal type people are drawn to art, philosophy, and spirituality. Metal type people tend to be very faithful to their beliefs and faith. However, when Metal type people are in the position of power, they could exhibit certain characteristics of a tyrant, disregarding others’ opinions and only insisting on what they believe to be true.

The power of the Metal Element lies in its capacity to let go of what is no longer necessary. In autumn, the season of the Metal Element, trees let go of their green leaves and let them decay on the ground. No matter how splendid the leaves may have been, the tress do not hold on to them, knowing that new leaves will come out when the spring comes.

When Metal type people have healthy lungs and a healthy large intestine, they express this virtue by easily letting go of the past and moving on. However, when an imbalance occurs in these organs, Metal type people could cleave to their opinions, values, possessions, objects or emotions, and could appear to be stubborn and inflexible.

Metal type people

1) Metal type people tend to score high on the following questionnaire.

Do you value formality? Is being polite important to you?

Do you believe that everybody must abide by laws?

Can you accept what you strongly disagree with, if it is dictated by someone in authority?

Do you think that for most of the time it is better to maintain the status quo than starting a revolution?

Do you try to keep everything in order?

Are your days relatively well-organized?

Do you have a clear awareness of what is important and unimportant in your life?

Are you perceived to be honest and fair by others?

Are you perceived to be a disciplinarian by others?

Do you feel the need to be in control?

Do you have a good sense of smell?

Can you easily let go of what does not serve you anymore?

Do you feel uncomfortable with doing things spontaneously?

Do you tend to suppress your emotions?

Are you sometimes perceived to be cold?

Do you have high expectations of yourself and others?

Do you feel drawn to philosophy or spirituality?

2) Metal type people could also score high on the following questionnaire if their Metal Element is unhealthy.

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for autumn?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for afternoons?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for the dry weather?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for pungent foods?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for the white color?

Do you have a pale complexion?

Do you have any problem with your nose, such as sinus infection?

Do you have relatively weak lungs or even pneumonia?

When you run, do you feel out of breath easily?

Do you have a shallow breath?

Do you often find yourself feeling sad?

Do you feel like others do not appreciate your merits?

Do you feel the urge to commit suicide from time to time?

Do you like melancholic music?

Do you often have problems with your skin, such as eczema, moles, or simply dry skin?

Do you dread sitting on public toilet seats?

Do you have bronchitis?

Do you have excessive wrinkles on your skin?

Do you find yourself rarely perspiring?

Do you get easily offended?

Do you catch cold easily?

Do you cough more than usual?

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