Heal your relationship with your body

Heal your relationship with your body

Do you love your body? Do you appreciate your body for what it does for you? In our society, we are bombarded with so many messages about how our bodies should look and function. Oftentimes, we feel like our bodies do not look good enough, are not attractive enough, are not healthy enough, or are not energetic enough.

How much do you know about your body? How attentively do listen to your body when it sends you a message? Sometimes, your body makes a very specific request, such as taking a good rest, getting a deep sleep, breathing in some fresh air, or eating a certain food. Are you aware of the requests your body is making on a daily basis?

Many of us tend to force our bodies to perform certain tasks against their will. Many of us have not learned to properly take care of our bodies, even though our bodies are incessantly at work for us. Even when we are sleeping, our bodies never cease to work.

heal your relationship with your body

Stop criticizing your body

The human body consists of many different parts and organ systems. The human body also consists of trillions of cells. Eastern medicine considers the human body as a microcosm of the Universe itself. Every organ, every system, and every part of matter that constitutes the human body can be viewed as a life form of its own. Although they do not have individual consciousness, they are affected by your thoughts, emotions, and self-dialogue.

In a way, they are like sensitive children. When we criticize them, they feel our dissatisfaction and disapproval. For example, when you look at your abdomen and say, “My belly is way too big. It looks so flabby. It needs to be thinner.” Although your abdomen does not have ears, it still feels your disapproval and thus is affected by the disapproval. As a result, it will be harder for you to have the abdomen that you want because it will not cooperate with you as much as it could have.

Therefore, it is important to stop criticizing your body and transform inner dialogue with regard to your body. It is important to heal your relationship with your body by loving it. Your body listens to you. Your body is aware how you feel about it. Your body desires more love from you.

Listen to your body

Many of us tend to be hard on our bodies. Many of us tend to be very critical of our bodies and take them for granted. When our bodies send a message, we often disregard it. Thus we work ourselves to exhaustion, stay up all night, or consume excessive amounts of unhealthy foods. Many of us do not take enough time to take care of our bodies.

Sometimes, our bodies catch a cold or develop a headache to draw our attention. But then what do we do? We perceive the discomfort as something to eradicate. So we consume medicine to eliminate the discomfort whether it is a congested nose, a headache, or back pain.

When our bodies become sick, they are sending us a message. They are saying that something needs to be changed. When we become sick, it is the time to listen to the message. It is the time to communicate with the body.

You can start to listen to your body and tend to its needs. When your body asks you to take a rest, you need to take a rest. When it asks to go out and walk, you should take time to walk outside. When it askes to sleep more, you should give it enough sleep.

Your body is a temple of a divine light

Our bodies are not ours. They are a gift from the Universe that allows us to experience a physical life in this lifetime. Like all things in the Universe, our bodies thrive on love and affection. They want to be loved and appreciated. They want to be valued. They want their requests to be met. Unfortunately, most of us do not truly love and appreciate our bodies. Most of us do not value our bodies. Many of us do not even listen to our bodies and ignore their requests.

Your body is a perfect vehicle for you to navigate this physical life while you are in this dimension. In a way, you chose your body before birth because it is perfect for you. Whether you like your body or not, it is perfect for you. Your body is beautiful just as it is.

It does not matter how it looks. It does not matter even if your body is plagued with illness. Your body is a temple of a divine light. If you change your perception and see your body the way your source sees your body, you can see its sheer perfection right here right now. You can heal your relationship with your body.

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