Earth type people: Are you an Earth Element type?

Most people have a particular affinity to one or two elements in the Five Elements system. These characteristics often manifest in their personality traits, behaviors, and tendencies. In this post, I will explain the characteristics of Earth type people.

Earth type people have a strong affinity to the Earth Element, which has a tendency to provide harmony and unity. Think of the earth that constantly provides nourishment to all life forms. Although we continue to pollute the earth, it never ceases to take care of us. In fact, the majority of our foods come from the earth itself.

Among Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water people, Earth type people are the ones that possess the greatest capacity to provide care and nourishment to others. Some of them could be overly sympathetic and overly considerate. It is easy for Earth type people to shower their partner with excessive care.

Many of them want to feel involved in other people’s lives and feel needed. Some Earth type people are so concerned with others’ needs that they neglect their own, putting others ahead of themselves, which can eventually lead to emotional depletion and frustration.

Like the earth that accepts anything without discrimination, Earth type people tend to be compassionate and nurturing. They also adapt well to a new environment and generally get along well with others.

However, when their stomach or spleen — which are organs of the Earth Element — is unhealthy, Earth people can be ravenous for attention, which could trigger inappropriate behavior in them. They could have no qualms about intruding on other people’s private space. They could turn out to be highly needy and whiny. Unable to set boundary between themselves and others, they could be meddlesome in other people’s business.

When their Earth energy is offset, it could affect their sense of reality, and as a result, they could develop unrealistic anxiety about all types of possible disasters, making them obsessive worriers.

Compared to Wood or Fire type people, Earth type people are more aware of themselves and take more interest in practical matters. Earth type people tend to be accurate, meticulous, and stable. Therefore, they make excellent treasurers, reliable business partners, and ideal homemakers. Earth type people tend to enjoy eating.

Sometimes, negative qualities of the Earth Element could manifest in their miserly tendency. While they are highly dependable in practical matters, they tend to lack the drive and energy of Wood or Fire people. Therefore, they may not be ideal for positions that require planning or leadership skills.

Earth type people tend to have a relatively large stomach and spleen. Sometimes, their strong affinity to the Earth Element could manifest in a relatively round facial structure.

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1) Earth type people tend to score high on the following questionnaire.

Do you consider yourself to be nurturing?

Do you consider yourself to be compassionate?

Do you tend to focus on the needs of others more than your own?

Do you enjoy helping others?

Do you enjoy the act of eating?

Are you pretty accurate in your financial dealings?

Do you tend to follow your own vision without worrying about what others think of you?

Do you adapt well to a new environment?

Do you feel at ease with your life?

Do you tend to be contemplative?

Do you get along well with others?

Do you feel comfortable and at ease when you meet a stranger?

Do you think that harmony and stability are the essential elements of happiness in your life?

Do you think that you don’t have much fear of heights, compared to other people?

Do you greatly value loyalty and trustworthiness?

2) Earth type people could also score high on the following questionnaire if their Earth Element is unhealthy.

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for sweet foods?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for late summer?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for the humid weather?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for middays?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for the yellow color?

When you feel emotionally unstable, do you tend to eat foods in order to feel better?

Do you feel like you are misunderstood and undervalued by others?

Do you tend to crave attention?

Are you worried that your partner is secretly having a love affair?

Do you find yourself possessive of your partner?

Do you tend to worry about possible accidents that can happen to you and your family?

Are you perceived to be compulsive?

Does your partner sometimes complain that you are trying to control him or her?

Do you often criticize yourself harshly?

When you are not at home, do you often worry whether you have properly locked the door and everything is ok in the house?

Do you fear or dread being left alone?

Do you have any allergy?

Are you prone to fatigue?

Do you suffer from anorexia, bulimia, or any eating disorder?

Do you tend to easily gain weight, yet find it difficult to lose weight?

Do you often crave for sweet foods?

Do you often feel hungry?

Do you sometimes feel like your mind freezes and you cannot think properly?

Do you often suffer from menstrual problems?

Do you tend to have loose bowels?

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