How to heal your relationship with the Universe

How to heal your relationship with the Universe

As mentioned here, in order to live a happy, fulfilling life, it is important to work on your relationship with the Universe. In this post, I will provide some tips on how to heal your relationship with the Universe. 

heal your relationship with the Universe

1) Know that the Universe is always on your side

Some of us feel like we live in a cold and hostile universe because there is so much pain, cruelty and violence in this world. What we need to keep in mind is that the Universe does not interfere with our karma and our free will. The Universe does not alleviate our pain either when we are in pain. Nonetheless, the Universe is still on our side. No matter what is taking place in our lives, it is occurring for our deeper good.

Some of us become bitter and cynical after undergoing painful experiences in life. They subconsciously harbor resentment against the Universe. Deep inside, they feel abandoned and alone.

If you find yourself resenting the Universe, you have to find a way to resolve it. When you are not in harmony with the Universe, you feel empty and unhappy. Do not adhere to the pain you were subjected to during the learning process, knowing that it was part of the learning, cleansing, and healing process and that from a higher perspective, everything is actually perfect in the Universe.

2) Create the feeling of happiness regardless of outer conditions

We cannot be happy and have a strained relationship with the Universe. When we are happy, we are in harmony with the Universe. When we are in harmony with the Universe, we are naturally happy. 

Happiness is our natural state. We were born happy and we are supposed to be happy. It is unnatural to feel unhappy. It is unnatural to feel miserable. When we realize this and activate our spiritual selves, we can be happy no matter what happens. We have the ability to feel happy right here, right now, without altering a single outer condition. 

So exercise this ability. Take time for yourself, sit and meditate, visualize the happiest day of your life, and activate your spiritual self! It is a very efficient way to heal your relationship with the Universe.

3) Practice the feeling of gratitude in your daily life

Feeling gratitude is an efficient way to heal our relationship with the Universe. When we express gratitude, it shifts our focus from what we do not have to what we already have. It shifts our focus from lack to abundance. It calms our minds and naturally generates positive emotions. See if you can practice the following:

• Directly go for the feeling of gratitude. Focus on the feeling of gratitude.

• See if you can practice the feeling of gratitude regardless of external conditions.

• Once you begin to feel grateful in your heart, find things in your life that you could be grateful for. Find more reasons to feel grateful.

Make gratitude your dominant emotion. Be thankful to the Universe for everything you have.

Once gratitude settles in your heart, it will soothe your mind. The wants and desires of the ego begin to lose their grip on you. You do not feel as desperate to attain what you want. Inner peace starts to nestle in your heart. When you give thanks to the Universe and feel truly grateful in your heart, it transforms the way you feel about your life and the Universe. The Universe is alive. The Universe reflects back to you how you feel about the Universe.

4) Take time to pray

A prayer is a beautiful way to build a loving relationship with the Universe. Many of us tend to associate a prayer with making a wish. A prayer is not just about merely asking for something we desire. It should be cherished as a moment to communicate with the Universe and purge impurities from our inner space.

A pure heart is essential for our prayers. When we kneel down on our knees and turn to divine powers, we become humble. We acknowledge the holy presence of something far greater than us. We become an innocent child again. We can use prayers to transform our relationship with the Universe.

lasting happiness

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