Fire type people: Are you a Fire Element type?

Most people have a particular affinity to one or two elements in the Five Elements system. These characteristics often manifest in their personality traits, behaviors, and tendencies. In this post, I will explain the characteristics of Fire type people.

Fire type people have a strong affinity to the Fire Element which expresses itself in passion, glamour, excitement, and bursting energy. Therefore, they tend to be outgoing, sociable, active, and short-tempered. Their lively energy often draws them to show business or sports. They have the ability to bring joy and laughter to other people. Naturally, a great number entertainers and comedians are Fire type people, such Marilyn Monroe, Robin Williams, Rosie O’Donnell, Eric Morecambe, Tommy Copper, Elizabeth Taylor, Frankie Howard, and so on.

For Fire type people, show business could provide an ideal environment for them to fulfill their desires. As they innately look for public recognition, they thrive on public attention, adulation, and adoration. However, due to their intense longing for love, some of them harbor a strong fear of rejection and could be vulnerable to criticism. While Fire type people tend to be generally sociable, some of them are anti-social and tend to isolate themselves precisely due to this sensitivity.

In general, however, Fire type people with a healthy Fire Element, are often endowed with optimism and energy. Their radiant energy comes from the heart and the small intestine. According to the Fire Elements theory, Fire type people tend to have a relatively large heart and small intestine. Sometimes, the strong impact of the Fire Element is expressed in a relatively large forehead and a narrow jaw.

Fire type people tend to live in the moment. Many of them tend to express their feelings with ease and can easily let go of sad memories. Fire type people tend to be generally active and love movement. They tend to take things lightly. Therefore, Fire type people could appear to be irresponsible, spontaneous, unreliable, and consequently untrustworthy in the eyes of Metal or Water people, who tend to be more serious and uptight.

When Fire type people have a healthy heart and a healthy small intestine, they are vibrant, lively, animated, positive, and simply a fun to be with. However, when their heart or small intestine is unhealthy and thereby offsets their Fire Element, they could become rude, unpredictable, provocative, and even violent.

Therefore, it could be highly unpleasant to interact with a Fire person with an unhealthy heart or an unhealthy small intestine. They could be short-tempered and rude. They may appear to be haughty and lack social etiquette.

fire type people

1) Fire type people tend to score high on the following questionnaire.

Do you consider yourself to be optimistic?

Do you consider yourself as a passionate person?

Do you express yourself articulately and communicate well with people?

Are you generally happy with your life?

Do you smile and laugh easily?

Are you considered to be friendly?

Do you easily fall in love, yet find that love cooling off quickly?

Do you thrive on movement and particularly dislike boredom?

Are you intuitive?

Have others told you that you are charismatic?

Have others told you that you have sparkling eyes?

Do you feel comfortable with your sexuality?

Do you have a good sense of humor?

Are you drawn to glamour and flamboyancy?

When you are praised, does it instantly make your day?

Do you tend to seek pleasure?

Do you get excited easily?

Is it important for you to nourish good relationships with others?

2) Fire type people also tend to score high on the following questionnaire if their Fire Element is unhealthy.

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for summer?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for mornings?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for a hot day?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for bitter foods?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for the red color?

Do you have an unusual yearning for love?

Do you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve?

Do you strongly fear rejection or being deserted?

Do you have problems with sleeping?

Are you perceived to be rude, cruel, or even violent by others?

Are you perceived to be arrogant and rude by others?

Do you have an unusually loud laughter?

Do you tend to exhibit forgetfulness and absentmindedness?

Do you tend to perspire a lot?

Do you have any problem with your speech (bad articulation, speaking too fast, or stuttering)?

Do you have any problem with your tongue?

Do you tend to have cold hands and feet?

Do you have rashes or eczema?

Do you tend to have an irregular heartbeat?

When you dream at night, do you find your dreams to be particularly vivid or unsettling?

Are you often subject to anxiety or restlessness?

Do you tend to swing between extreme joy and depression?

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