Are you aware of your relationship with the Universe?

Your relationship with the Universe

Have you every thought about having a relationship with the Universe? Now, let’s take a moment and think about it. What kind of relationship do you have with the Universe?

Do you feel like the Universe is friendly and is helping you with your journey on the Earth plane? Are you grateful to the Universe for providing you with everything you need at a given moment? Do you feel like you are living in a hostile Universe and that you have to make lots of efforts to survive in this world?

relationship with the universe

Positive relationship vs negative relationship with the Universe

There are people who have a wonderful relationship with the Universe. They feel secure, knowing that they are being protected and taken care of. They find reasons to be grateful in spite of problems and challenges of life.

Then there are others who have a strained relationship with the Universe. They believe that they are alone in the lifeless Universe. They believe that the world is against them and that they have to fight vigorously in order to get ahead in life. Since their focus is fixated on survival and outer success in life, happiness often escapes them.

Unfortunately, many of us have a rather dysfunctional relationship with the Universe and are not even aware of it. Most of us encounter obstacles and challenges almost on a daily basis. So it is hard to feel like we live in a friendly Universe that supports our path.

The Universe is not “nice”

Altough we live in a compassionate Universe where everything is actually working for our higher good, it is beyond human perception. It is beyond human comprehension. 

From our physical perspective, the Universe is not nice, and is even merciless and cruel at times. The Universe does not interfere with our karma. It does not interfere with our free will. It does not alleviate our pain when we are suffering. Sometimes, the Universe “promises” one thing and does the opposite. At least that is how we feel. As a result, we are left disappointed, disillusioned, and embittered.

It is no wonder that many of us develop a strained relationship with the Universe. In fact, whether we consciously aware of it or not, we often harbor resentment toward the Universe when things do not go our way. With our dreams broken so often, many of us feel betrayed and deceived by the Universe

When our relationship with the Universe goes awry, we feel like we have a void in us. We will try to fill it up with external factors of life, such as money, success, friends, and a love relationship. However, we continue to feel dissatisfied and empty deep inside when we are not in harmony with the Universe.

We end up spending so much of our time trying to improve our life condition. We end up spending so much of our time trying to change our lives through hard work and efforts. However, we cannot achieve true happiness until we heal our relationship with the Universe.

Directly work on your relationship with the Universe

Happiness is our natural state. Happiness comes from within. If we simply heal our relationship with the Universe and align with it, we can instantly achieve happiness right here right now without altering a single life conditions. We can feel abundant even in the midst of poverty. We can feel healthy even if we are plagued with illness. We can feel loved even if our loved one abandons us.

When we are in harmony with the Universe, we feel secure and relaxed about life. We are able to accept difficulties of life with a smile. Once we are in harmony with the Universe, we can easily forgive those who have wronged us. We see them as humans with their own flaws. We come to realize that others have wronged them too. And none of it matters anymore, because other people become simply irrelevant to our happiness. 

The Universe is alive. What you carry inside and what you feel inside is felt and responded to in one way or another. From the soul’s perspective, you are the Universe and the Universe is you. If you are not in harmony with the Universe, it creates resistance and blocks so many good things from coming into your life. 

See if you can practice the following:

• Take time for yourself and see how you feel about your life, and how you look at the world.

• Pay attention to the words you say to yourself when you are alone.

• Pay attention to the thoughts that arise in your mind.

• Pay attention to your feelings and emotions you daily cultivate.

• Pay attention to hidden feelings and emotions that are like a background noise.

• Let go of any hidden negativities such as resentment, bitterness, disappointment, shame, and guilt.

When you transform your relationship with the Universe, you transform your life.


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