Wood type people: Are you a Wood Element type?

Most people have a particular affinity to one or two elements in the Five Elements system. These characteristics often manifest in their personality traits, behaviors, and tendencies. Starting with this post “Are you a Wood Element type,” I will go over each of the Five Elemental types and explain what characterizes each one of them.

Wood type people have a strong affinity to the Wood Element, which has a tendency to grow and develop. Sometimes, their affinity to this element manifests in their elongated facial structure. Due to the strong impact of their Wood Element, Wood type people have a tendency to possess a lot of drive which enables them to forge ahead with their goals with plenty of hopes and fortitude. Wood type people are, in general, assertive and endowed with the capacity to perform well under pressure.  They enjoy tackling new challenges and love to stay in motion. They take much pleasure in planning for the future and seeing their lives moving upward.

In Korea, those who take steep risks to achieve their goal are said to “have a swollen liver.” In light of the Five Elements, it is an apt description of those who are willing to take risks in order to realize their objectives. Wood type people tend to have a relatively large liver and have a tendency to strive to attain their goals at all costs. Their mentality is comparable to that of a warrior. They often seek to find an opportunity to grow and advance. They could be overly assertive and ambitious at times. Therefore, they make ideal workers for professions that require organizational and planning skills, competitive edges, and a strong resolve to achieve set goals.

Wood type people often have a relatively large liver and gall bladder. When their liver and gall bladder are healthy, these people can be very generous, constructive, and kind-hearted. However, when their liver or gall bladder is unhealthy, Wood type people can be easily irritable and prone to anger. They can be harsh toward those who push their buttons and do not hesitate to express their anger when they are provoked.

wood type people

1) Wood type people tend to score high on the following questionnaire.

Do you consider yourself highly competitive?

Do you consider yourself as a leader?

Do you enjoy making plans and organizing your days?

Do you have a clear picture of the life you would like to have in the future?

Do you prefer upbeat music to slow music?

Do you thrive on movement?

Do you thrive on challenges and obstacles?

Do you enjoy rebelling against authoritative rule?

Do you tend to follow your instinct?

Do you consider yourself to be ambitious?

Do you consider yourself to be hopeful and positive?

Do you enjoy sports?

Do you tend to adhere to your plan even if something unexpected arises?

Do you get along with people around you?

Do you give out presents or gifts without strings from time to time?

Do you feel competent when it comes to public speaking?

Do you work well under pressure?

Do you tend to follow your own vision no matter what others think or say?

Do you consider yourself to be confident?

Do you enjoy taking charge of a situation?

When you see injustice inflicted on the weak, do you willing to do something about it?

Do you like early mornings and spring?

Do you feel well on a windy day?

2) Wood type people also tend to score high on the following questionnaire if their Wood Element is unhealthy.

Are you often perceived to be irritable by others?

Are you often perceived to be moody by others?

Do you get frustrated easily?

Do you find yourself cynical toward others?

Do you sometimes feel an uncontrollable urge to explode your anger toward someone?

Do you have bad eyesight?

Do you consider yourself to be either a workaholic or a procrastinator?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for sour foods?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for spring?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for mornings?

Do you have an unusual liking or disliking for a windy day?

Do you find yourself intensely disliking somebody or some people?

Do you easily express your anger to others?

Do you often sigh without any particular reason?

Are you prone to cramps, headache, athlete’s foot or teary eyes?

Do you have fingernails or toenails that are weak? Do they easily split, harden, thicken, or crack?

Do you suffer from menstrual problems?

Do you sometimes have tightness or twitches in the eye muscles, face, ears, calves, or feet?

Do you sometimes have tension or cramps in your muscles?

When you stand up quickly, does it make you feel dizzy?


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