Yin and Yang of the COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 and the transition of the world’s energy system

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has triggered global anxiety and fear. As it spreads throughout the world, it is affecting our lives in what seems to be a very negative way. Many feel helpless and confused in this time of global pandemic.

However, this does not need to be a time of despair or fear. As stated in Coronavirus from a Tao point of view, we do not need to harbor fear about it when we understand that behind it all, there is transformation and healing taking place. In fact, we are all privileged to live in this time of major transition.

We are making a transition from an old world to a new world. We are making a transition from the era of Yang to the era of Yin. The world is changing, the Universe is changing, and humanity is awakening. Darkness is losing power as light is pouring in. Hidden secrets are being disclosed to us. Doors, hitherto locked, are now being swung open and new opportunities are arising.

COVID-19 from the principle of Yin and Yang

From our physical perspective, the COVID-19 outbreak is certainly a disastrous event that affects our lives in a very negative way. However if we look at it from a broader perspective, the COVID-19 crisis can be seen as the Yin aspect of the global transformation and healing that is currently taking place.

Now, let’s briefly go over the principle of Yin and Yang. We live in the world of Yin and Yang. According to the philosophy of Yin and Yang, there is Yin in Yang and Yang in Yin. Look at the symbol of Yin and Yang. There is white (Yang) in black (Yin) and black (Yin) in white (Yang).

Yin Yang

Most of us are so accustomed to a dualistic point of view. So, in order to truly understand this principle of Yin and Yang, we should be able to look beyond what is happening externally. We should look beneath the surface. Once we understand this principle, however, we can appreciate the hidden gifts that come with the current crisis situation.

Behind this seeming disaster called COVID-19 (Yin), there is much energy and light (Yang) available to us. Yin and Yang accompany and follow each other. Many of us feel depression and anxiety due to the pandemic situation. However, if we momentarily cease the stream of our thoughts and look deep inside, we would be able to perceive that deep inside, a part of us is actually enlivened and energized by this seemingly disastrous situation. Our higher selves, who are able to see both Yin and Yang, know that the current COVID-19 crisis comes with hidden gifts and that it provides us with an opportunity for spiritual awakening and inner transformation.

As you see, behind illness, there is healing taking place. Behind losses and deaths, there is transformation taking place. We can appreciate the COVID-19 outbreak and remain positive no matter how grim it may look from outside. It is only natural that this time of great awakening is accompanied by chaos and confusion as well.

Now, I would like to share with you an ancient myth from Korea which will help us to see the COVID-19 crisis from a higher perspective. Please take a moment and read this story. It is a story about a Korean hero named Geotaji, but the story imparts wisdom related to the current pandemic situation.


A blessing in disguise

In the 9th century, Queen Jinseong ruled the Korean kingdom of Silla. One day, the Queen decided to send her youngest son to the Chinese empire as a royal envoy. In order to ensure the safety of the prince, she then selected 50 skillful archer men to join the voyage. Among the 50 archer men was a man named Geotaji.

While the ship was cruising the Yellow Sea, they encountered a ferocious wind and waves. As a result, the ship was stranded on a forlorn island. They spent ten days on the shore of the island, but there still was no sign of clear weather. On the tenth night, the anxiety-ridden prince had a dream in which an old man with a regal bearing appeared in front of him, saying, “My name is Yak. I’m a nymph of the Yellow Sea. If you leave one of your archer men on this island, I promise to abate the wind and waves.”

The dream felt so real that the next morning the prince decided to sacrifice one of his archer men. To Geotaji’s aghast, it was him who was chosen as the scapegoat and was subsequently ditched on the island.

Marooned alone, Geotaji spent a few days by the lake on the island. One day, Geotaji was sitting beside the lake, bemoaning his fate when the nymph that the prince had seen emerged from the lake. The nymph politely introduced himself and continued with a grim face. He said:

“Everyday a devilish monk descends from the sky and does his evil chanting that makes all of my nymph families come to the surface of this lake. Then he eats our livers one at a time. Everybody has been slaughtered except for me, my wife and my daughter. The only way to eradicate him would be to shoot him in the heart with an arrow. Would you be able to do it for us?”

Sympathizing over the nymph’s plight, Geotaji agreed to help him and promised to kill the evil monk.

The next morning when the sun arose Geotaji hid in the bush, waiting for the wicked monk to descend from the sky. A moment later, an eerie-looking monk came down to begin his evil chanting. Aiming at his heart, Geotaji turned his bow to the monk and fired the arrow straight into his heart. With a loud shriek, the monk fell dead on the ground. When Geotaji approached the monk he found an old demonic fox in a monk’s robe.

The nymph of the Yellow Sea was thrilled. In his heart-felt appreciation, the nymph offered him a heavenly flower and ordered his dragons to take Geotaji back to the prince’s ship. 

Geotaji flew on the back of the dragons to rejoin the crew, who subsequently treated him like a hero. The dragons continued to escort the ship all the way to its destination. When the ship entered the Chinese harbor, the presence of the guarding dragons overwhelmed the Chinese emperor. Awe-struck by the unearthly sight, the emperor bestowed an unprecedented amount of gold and silk on the foreign crew.

The blessings of Geotaji were not over yet. When he set foot on the land, the flower that was given by the nymph turned into a beautiful woman. It was the nymph’s daughter who had been transformed into a flower. Geotaji married her and lived happily ever after.


Change your perception of the COVID-19 outbreak

Geotaji fell into a hopeless pit when he was stranded alone on the island for the sake of his crew. However, his misfortune turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it gave him the opportunity to become a hero and to wed the daughter of the sea nymph.

As you see, there is Yang in Yin and vice versa. Yang lurks in Yin and vice versa. This is even more true in a transition time like the present times when there is major transformation going on.

Behind the predicament of Geotaji lurked an opportunity for glory and fortune. There was Yang lurking inside Yin.

Behind this current global pandemic situation lurks a rare opportunity for tremendous growth, healing, and transformation. However, it takes some work on our part in order to seize the opportunity.

If Geotaji remained stuck in his despair, he would have missed the golden opportunity. Likewise, if we remain stuck in our limited physical perspective and plunge into fear and depression, we would not be able to seize the opportunity that is provided by these times of transformation. It would be like Geotaji ignoring the request of Yak and thereby missing the opportunity to totally transform his life.

Like Geotaji, we have been provided with a wonderful opportunity to achieve spiritual awakening and inner transformation in this seeming crisis situation. If we grab this opportunity, we can accomplish enormous spiritual growth and transformation. In this new energy, we can achieve, in a day, the same spiritual growth that would have taken years of intensive spiritual training for those in the past. It requires some inner work, but we can turn this pandemic situation into an opportunity to achieve the greatest spiritual enlightenment.