Coronavirus from a Tao point of view


Coronavirus is rapidly spreading throughout the world. People are being placed in quarantine, losing jobs, getting sick, and dying of the disease. Countries are closing borders, shutting schools and businesses, and taking unprecedented steps. So why is this happening? What is the meaning of it all?


We live in a time of transition

As mentioned before, we are living in a time of transition. We are living in a time of transformation. An old world is ending and a new world is beginning.

This time of transition is what a large number of prophets have foreseen since thousands of years when they talked about the so-called end of the world, even though many of them predicted the “end of the world” without mentioning the new world that would follow.

A great number of religions and prophets predicted disastrous events occurring at the end of the old world. Although their accounts vary, the essence has been similar: great chaos and deaths of people on a global scale. Fortunately, our transition from an old world to a new world has been so far much softer and gentler than what they predicted.

As we live in a transition time, we are bound to experience many things that other generations did not get to experience before, and these events also include climate change, extinction of species, and unknown diseases. They all happen for a reason and are unfolding according to a higher plan.

Look at the coronavirus outbreak from a higher perspective

The global spread of coronavirus can be seen as one of these events that are bound to naturally accompany a transition time. Coronavirus has triggered fear and anxiety around the globe. However, there is not a reason to harbor fear when we understand that it is unfolding as part of the universal plan.

Some believe that coronavirus was engineered and deliberately released. Some believe that this pandemic situation was concocted for political reasons. However, it does not matter what caused it and who caused it. It does not matter whether it is being deliberately spread or not, when we look at it as one of the disastrous events that are supposed to happen in this transition time.

We are in a transition time and unforeseen events are bound to unfold in this transition time. There will be other catastrophic events that will happen on earth as this transition unfolds. No matter what happens during the transition time, it is not meant to destroy humanity or the world. To the contrary, it is meant to heal, transform, and renew. In that regard, the coronavirus outbreak is different from other pandemics humankind encountered before. Behind all this chaos and fear, there is much light. There is much hope. A greater number of people will achieve awakening in the process, and the things that have been kept secret will be gradually revealed to the masses as we move into a new era.

We are living in a time when the world as we know it is ending. However, everything that ends leads to the beginning of something new. As an old world is coming to an end, a new world is beginning. It is an incredible privilege to be here on Earth at this time of major transition.

The new era is an era of harmony. It is an era of spirituality. With a new spiritual era on the horizon, currents of energy, which is finer, lighter, yet stronger than ever, are pouring down upon Earth, accelerating our spiritual growth. However, since we are in a transition time, we are bound to experience unprecedented events and situations including a global pandemic.

The global health crisis is currently affecting every part of our lives in what seems to be a very negative way. In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, we can still remain positive and appreciate the hidden gifts of the pandemic. Despite losses and deaths, there is transformation that is taking place. There is healing that is taking place. Nothing is going wrong and everything is unfolding perfectly. This is what we should keep in mind when we are faced with a seemingly disastrous event which is bound to accompany this transition time.


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