Let go of ego control and align with divine source

When you let go of ego control, it becomes easy to align with source

I previously mentioned the importance of aligning with source, the god force in you. In order to truly align with source, we have to let go of ego control. The ego is what distances us from source. It is what separates us from other beings as well. As mentioned here, the ego is often considered to be a major hurdle to our spiritual growth in the Eastern spiritual tradition.

When we are under the control of the ego, we cannot truly align with source. Like the dark clouds that block the sunlight, the ego keeps us encased in the illusory reality it creates. Remember, the ego needs to be at the center of the world. The ego has a tendency to perceive others as possible threats and usable commodities. Instead of showing us the interconnectedness of all lives, the ego separates us from others. It also perceives the Universe simply as a lifeless space to exploit and dominate.

let go of ego control


The ego loves dramas and problems

When we align with source, our lives become more peaceful, joyous, and fulfilling. However, it is extremely threatening for our egos not to feel in control. Our egos are fond of problems. Our egos are fond of dramas. Therefore, as soon as we manage to align with source, the ego will try to sabotage our source alignment in order to reclaim the helm of our lives. When everything goes smoothly, it will incite worries and insecurity in us. It will convince us that something horrible is awaiting us. It will make us subconsciously create problems.

When two people with strong egos are in love, for example, they almost have the need to be in conflict. Oftentimes, the ego is fond of a tempestuous relationship more than a mellow one. The ego does not like it when life is too tranquil.

When we are controlled by our egos, we will encounter more problems in life. We will create more enemies in life. Our egos feast on obstacles and enemies.

Let go of ego control and align with source

We can be courageous and dare to defy our egos. We can let go of ego control and surrender to source.

When we let go of ego control, we can also live in the present moment. When we live in the present moment, we can receive inner guidance much more easily. Our communication with source is only possible when our minds are directed to the present. Remember that source cannot guide the past you or the future you. It can only work with the present you.

We can bring in the feeling of security, knowing that we are not alone on our journey and that we are guided by higher powers. Aligning with source does not necessarily mean that our life conditions will change in an instant. But when we align with source and maintain this alignment, the world around us will surely change. We will experience magic in our lives. Life will become much easier and far more pleasant.

Paradoxically, that will not matter anymore, because when we let go of ego control we no longer demand that life unfold in a way that pleases our personalities. Ultimately, we will be able to maintain inner peace and find happiness within, regardless of what happens outside us.

We can let source work through us. We can surrender to source. We can let it create magic in our lives. Once we let go of ego control, source can guide us much more easily. We can let our source create wonders in our lives.

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