We are one

We are one

As mentioned in “The Five Elements theory behind the law of cause and effect,” everything is interconnected in the Universe. It is hard to recognize this interconnectedness of all matter from our human perspective. However, from a higher perspective, we are all interconnected and all human beings are essentially one. 

When we hear of some devastating war in a distant land, many of us pay little attention to it, believing that it has nothing to do with us. But the truth is: all of us are in part responsible for the war because it is a physical manifestation of the violence we created together.

We see a flagrant serial killer and condemn him for the intolerable act. However, the frenzy that drove the man to perpetrate such a crime can be also found in each and every one of us. This person performed the role of a serial killer because the fear, cruelty and violence that existed in our group consciousness had to find an outlet in the outer world. This man happened to posses the karma suited to play such a role. 

It goes the same for heroes whom we admire. Humanity is always in need of someone to aspire to, a person who can uplift us with inspiration. Our need for heroes actually creates heroes. Think of prominent political or revolutionary figures. They were able to play these roles because their karmic backgrounds somehow matched the role of a hero.

But at the same time, there also was a demand of humanity for their appearance. Humanity created the vision of heroes in their group consciousness and with the apparition of heroes the vision was reflected in the outer world.

If Martin Luther King did not exist, someone else would have led the American civil rights movement. If Mother Teresa did not exist, someone else would have served as an inspiration for altruism. It should not diminish their contributions to humanity because only pure and mature souls can play such roles on the Earth plane. However, they are outer reflections of what already exists in our group consciousness. The same goes for cultural icons. If Marilyn Monroe did not exist, someone else would have played the role of a voluptuous blonde bombshell.

Because of the fact that we are all connected, rage and fury brewed by one individual have negative effects on other people and even the world as a whole.

In Korea, there is a proverb “when a woman holds rancor, the ground gets frozen even in spring.” Yes, it is even possible that people’s pent-up rancor could, over time, physically manifest in the form of natural disaster or accident.  

Real heroes

Since all human beings are interlaced together, we benefit the entire human race when we choose love over hatred and forgiveness over vengeance. When we make a step toward spiritual illumination, it helps raise the consciousness of other people as well. Our society has been somewhat wary of those who completely withdrew themselves from the world in order to pursue their own spiritual evolution. This sole devotion to spirituality was sometimes perceived as an act of selfishness and a lack of compassion for other people.

However, owing to those who dedicated their lives to spiritual awakening, humanity was able to survive the harshness of the old world. Thanks to their efforts to cultivate spirituality, we have been able to raise the level of our consciousness as well. The real heroes are not those who are plastered with praise from historians. They are not the ones who have their names adorned in biographies either. Instead, they are highly spiritual individuals who created the vibration of love and harmony in our group consciousness.

Many of them led a solitary existence, devoting the majority of their time to prayer and meditation. The serenity, love and inner peace that were generated during the introspective exercise created harmony that was reflected in the outer world. There have been many unseen and unrecognized heroes who created the harmonious vibrations for whole humanity to benefit. In reality, they are the ones who truly merit to be lauded by history.

we are one

Change your viewpoint

When we acknowledge the interconnectedness of all lives, we can bring more harmony into our relationships with all beings in the Universe and can more easily transform our perspective.

All of us are like a particle of a colossal macrocosm. Think of your toes and your eyes. When you look at them individually, they are individual body parts. They may not even get to touch each other. But can you say that they are really separate and have nothing to do with each other? The truth is that they are governed by the same source. When your eyes ache, your toes feel the pain as well. It is time to acknowledge the interconnectedness of all things in the Universe.

• See if you can change your point of view for a while and acknowledge the interconnectedness of all things in the Universe.

• Do not perceive yourself to be separate from the rest of the world.

We are all interconnected. Once we acknowledge the fact that we are small particles of the grand system, we will be able to accept life’s disappointments with much more equanimity. We can put our problems in perspective. We realize, for example, that our backpain is not much of a problem compared to hunger and starvation in certain parts of the world. We can easily let go of envy and jealousy, because when others thrive, we thrive too, even though this is not obvious from our human perspective.

We also realize that we have much more power on the world than we give ourselves credit for. When we release negative thoughts and emotions, it benefits other people as well. When we make spiritual advancement, it helps others to make spiritual advancement as well. When we raise our consciousness, it helps others to raise their consciousness as well. When we choose love and forgiveness, we contribute to making the whole world a better place to live in.

We are interconnected. We are one.


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