True love is when you align with source energy

Falling in love vs. aligning with source energy

Falling in love is a magical experience. When we are madly in love with someone, we feel like we have been cast a spell, and the world becomes rosy. Many of us think we feel wonderful because we are in love. Many of us think it is the other person who is the source of this mesmerizing sensation.

However, as mentioned in Why do we feel so good when we are in love? this wonderful sensation comes from our alignment with source energy. When we fall in love, we align with our source. We feel wonderful because we are in alignment with source energy. We used the person we are in love with as a vehicle that takes us to our source energy.

What do you seek to attain from your romantic relationship? Is it protection, security, appreciation or simply a warm sensation in your heart? You do not need anybody to give you any of them. You can offer them to yourself by entering into union with your own source energy.

If you do not truly love yourself, even the most loving person will not be able to bring you the love you seek. Many people in marriage tend to blame their partners when they feel lonely and unappreciated, but the real problem lies in the fact that they have not built a loving relationship with themselves. Once you establish a good relationship with yourself, you will draw different behaviors from your partner.

If you are seeking a companion, it is important to build a loving relationship with yourself, so that you can attract a person who would mirror the love in you. You can also create the picture of the man or the woman who possesses the qualities you adore and then develop the identical qualities in yourself. It will make it easier for you to attract that person. However, you do not need a relationship to feel loved.

As mentioned, the warmth, the feeling of security, and the happiness that you feel when you are in love come from your alignment with source. When you enter into alignment with source, you will feel loved, secure, protected, and happy.

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“In the same way that when you’re in love and you want to spend time with only that person, try to spend time on yourself – you deserve your care and attention. Treat yourself to a delicious meal, a great book, a nice walk with a lovely view. As you would invest in a person you love, so you should invest in yourself.”

— Korean Zen Buddhist master Haemin Sunim 

See yourself through the eyes of source

When we are in love, it becomes easy to align with source. However, we can still align with source even if we do not have anybody to love. The key is to see ourselves through the eyes of source.

Your source loves and adores you no matter what. If you remain in alignment with source energy, you will not look to others for happiness. You and your source can provide you with anything and everything that you need or desire. See if you can practice the following:

• Try to see yourself through the eyes of source.

• Love yourself for who you are.

• Love parts of you that you do not like.

• Bring light to your shadows.

Let your love transform your life

Love is what transforms the Ugly Duckling into the Swan. When you do not love yourself, you easily become needy, empty and desperate. You will try to fill your inner vacuum by manipulating the external world. But nothing and nobody can bring you love if you are not offering it to yourself.

When you truly love yourself and see yourself through the eyes of source, magic starts to happen in your life. You feel more confident and secure. You become more generous, forgiving, understanding and compassionate. Happiness begins to settle in your heart. When you wake up, you are happy to start the day with this person that you cherish. When you lay down to sleep, you feel happy to be with this amazing person. You do not need anybody to feel loved. It is the alignment with source energy that performs the magic.

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