What is a soulmate and a soulmate relationship?

Soulmate relationship

Are you looking for a soulmate? Do you believe that a soulmate will satisfy your needs and fill the missing gap in your life? Do you believe that a soulmate will make you whole? Although many of us use the term “soulmate” to describe that impeccable person a soulmate is not what most people think it is.

Nobody in the world can truly fulfill your desires. No one can make you whole either. If you expect your soulmate to be the perfect person you have dreamed of, you will not recognize your soulmate!

A soulmate is a person with whom you are deeply connected at a soul level. Since you can connect with the other person at a much deeper level, the potential to bond profound mutual love is much greater between soulmates.

However, due to that intimate soul connection, your soulmate also accurately mirrors your inner shadows. As your soulmate brings your awareness to parts of you that need to be healed, you are likely to find yourself struggling in the relationship, while you see your shadows vividly reflected in your relationship. 

Reflect on your past relationships. Is there anybody whom you loved dearly yet turned out to be really difficult to deal with? What kinds of issues did you have with the person? You probably blamed the person, but perhaps he could have been your soulmate.

Soulmate relationship will challenge you in many ways

Many people use the term “soulmate” to describe an ideal partner. Yet, a soulmate is not necessarily a person from the opposite sex. A soulmate comes in any form or shape. It can be your parents, siblings, friends, teacher, as well as your partner. Therefore, a soulmate relationship does not have to be a romantic one. You can have a meaningful soulmate relationship with your brother, for example!

Most of us will encounter quite a few soulmates in our lifetimes. We may develop a romantic relationship with them or choose to remain friends with them. A soulmate relationship offers us an opportunity to reach deep within and see what is really occurring in our inner mindscape. Consequently, it challenges us to lead a more conscious life.

In the course of life, we encounter various kinds of people, forming various relationships. While most of them are more or less superficial, a soulmate relationship is the one that connects us with another human being at a far deeper level. When we are connected to another person in that way, he or she cannot help but reflect the negativities folded in us back to us in order for us to grow and heal. The person will lead us to confront our “demons,” so to speak. 

A soulmate relationship will challenge us in various ways. Therefore, we will need the courage to embrace our own negativities and weaknesses when we are in a soulmate relationship. We will need to have the strength not to blame our soulmates when we are challenged to face our shadows.

When our soulmates touch upon parts of us that need to come into balance, many of us tend to withdraw or rash out at our soulmates, oblivious to the fact that our soulmates merely served as a mirror of our inner space.

For example, if you have a certain complex about yourself, it is going to be your soulmate that will lead you to confront it most ardently. If you have deep-seated anger in you, your soulmate will continue to trigger anger in one way or another. You may find her behavior irksome. You may want to strike out at him. You may think that she is the cause of your anger. You may chafe at his continuous “attempts” to turn you into an angry person. It takes a high level of self-awareness to realize that your soulmate has merely reflected your own negativities.

If you have a lot of inner issues, some of your soulmates could turn into your enemies. You may believe that they are the source of your problems and feel like you are an innocent victim. Nevertheless, other people can trigger anger if it is not already present in you. Other people cannot make you depressed unless depression is already in you.

Sometimes, you encounter a soulmate of the opposite sex and you nourish a romantic relationship with that person. When you have a relationship with a soulmate, you bond with that person much more easily and quickly. You could feel greatly understood and comfortable with this person.

Yet, do not expect your soulmate to take care of you in the way your personality would want. Any expectation you harbor toward your soulmate could ultimately lead you to disappointment and disillusion. You are the only person who can truly tend to your needs. If you lack in this ability, your soulmate relationship will be less than fulfilling.

Contrary to popular beliefs, a soulmate is not a person who will always support you, love you, and satisfy your needs. It is not necessarily easy to maintain a soulmate relationship, especially if you have a lot of inner issues. Your soulmate will mirror what is happening inside of you.

Therefore, in order to bond a pleasant soulmate relationship, each partner may need to disentangle himself or herself from the inner bone of contention. They may also have to know better than to blame their partners when the relationship becomes strained.

A soulmate relationship will mirror your shadows back to you. Therefore, you would want to resolve some of your issues before you start a soulmate relationship. You need to be ready for love in order to enjoy a truly meaningful soulmate relationship.

The relationship will be much more pleasant when you unravel some of your inner issues.

soul mate relationship

“Do not think of yourself as a crescent moon, waiting for someone else to fill in the missing part of you. When you stand alone like a full moon, already complete in yourself, you will meet another person who is whole and complete just like you, and between you two, a healthy relationship can grow.”

Korean Zen Buddhist master Haemin Sunim 

Do not expect your soulmate to fill your void

Everybody is here for their own learning, growth and expansion. Nobody came here just to serve our needs. We have a tendency to view other people as objects. We tend to forget that their inner mindscape is as complex as our own. Human beings have been given an ego. It is the nature of the ego to regard itself as the most important in the Universe and to hope everything goes its way. Keep in mind that everybody has an ego.

Remember the following:

  • No matter how lonely you may feel, do not seek love just to overcome loneliness.
  • Never resort to love in order to evade your inner issues.
  • Do not expect your soulmate to fill your inner void. 

If you are looking for a soulmate to fill your inner void, chances are instead of filling it, your soulmate will reflect it back to you, for you to heal. Therefore, you may want to resolve some of your issues before you nurture a soulmate relationship. You need to be ready for love in order to enjoy a truly meaningful soulmate relationship.

For those of you who retain faint memories of higher dimensions where you received constant love and support, you could have dreamed of consummate union that would allow you to bond completely with another person. However, it is possible only on the soul plane. Every relationship in our world is bound to be marred with problems since we live in a world of Yin and Yang.

Embrace any flaws you see in your relationships. They constitute a part of the lessons you need to learn in your lifetime. Nobody can really give us anything that we cannot give to ourselves.


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