Why are we here in Earth school?

Why did we come to Earth school?

Although Earth is a beautiful place, it takes a lot of courage to be born on Earth. In fact, Korean Zen Buddhists frequently use the term “sea of suffering” to describe life conditions on the Earth plane.

Yes, Earth can be an extremely unpleasant place, especially for those who retain faint memories of higher dimensions where they experienced constant love and support and where energies are far more harmonious and softer. As uncomfortable and challenging as human life may be on this Earth plane, however, Earth provides us with incredible opportunities for learning, expansion, growth, healing, and transformation.

There exist many different dimensions and realities, and we chose to come to the Earth plane because it is a wonderful place for our souls to grow, evolve, expand and experiment, especially at this time of transition when rapid spiritual evolution becomes possible for our souls.

Nonphysical beings in higher dimensions do not have the same opportunities for growth that we do have here on the Earth plane. Since their realm is not veiled in illusion, they do not have the barriers like we do.

All of us were given this precious opportunity to make tremendous progress while leading our lives on the Earth plane. When we look at the world from a spiritual perspective, we realize that everything in life should be cherished.

All of them allow our souls to learn lessons and achieve beautiful spiritual evolution in our lifetimes. Whether we are physically challenged or burdened with thorny problems, it is a privilege to experience a physical life here on the Earth plane.

During our lifetimes, our souls will also strive to restore balance that has been offset. For example, a soul that previously experienced the life of a wealthy person could choose to experience poverty in order to restore balance. So the person could be born in the midst of poverty for the benefits of his soul.

However, upon entering the Earth plane, the density of matter deters him from recollecting the lofty cause when he chose poverty. Now faced with seemingly miserable life conditions, he could resent his life and brew self-pity. So, at the end of his life, the balance he needed to restore in terms of material comfort could have been achieved. But he could have created other issues to resolve in his next lifetime, during which time he probably will be challenged to come to terms with jealousy, anger or self-pity.

Since our dimension is veiled in illusion, many people fail to see beyond the illusion. Unable to see the interconnectedness between their life events, they continue to respond negatively to “negative” life events. It is time to change our perception of those seemingly negative life situations.

earth school

Earth school

Our lives here on Earth are akin to education for our souls. You can think of it this way: There are certain projects your soul has to undertake, certain tests your soul must pass and certain homework your soul must complete.

The intention and the choice of the personality are some of the major learning tools for the growth of our souls. All of us are endowed with a free will. Each and every moment offers us a choice. We can choose to replace fear with hope, depression with joy, resentment with forgiveness and hatred with love. We never cease to grow as we continue our journeys, understanding how our choices affect our lives.

We can unconsciously choose anger and hatred. However, our unconscious choice of anger and hatred will put us in a negative place where we have to deal with negativities generated by our choice. After continually submitting ourselves to painful experiences, we will ultimately learn to consciously choose forgiveness and love. For some of us, it could take several lifetimes before we come to the realization that we are responsible for everything that takes place in our lives and thus decide to make conscious choices.

Be happy and optimistic

For our personalities, it is painstaking to learn and grow through the density of matter on the Earth plane. Like in our own school, some people choose to quit ahead of time, whereas others choose to persevere in order to make the most out of the “education.”

If you feel overwhelmed with life, know that it is just temporary. The challenges and difficulties that you face here on Earth, such as negative beliefs, dense emotions, pain and suffering, will not follow you when you complete your “education” and return to the soul plane.

It is like you are watching a horror film and when the movie ends, you will return home safe and happy, no matter how frightened you may have been while watching the film.

Like a movie, the Earth school is an illusion, an illusion created for our growth and expansion. Knowing that you are in the Earth school and it is an illusion, do not take your life situations so seriously. No matter what happens in your life, it is meant to assist you, not destroy you, and when you graduate from this Earth school, you will leave with all the benefits you gained from those seemingly negative experiences.

There really is nothing to be upset about or to feel sad about. We all have different karmic backgrounds. Some of us have more challenges than others. No matter where we are and no matter what is happening in our lives, everything is working perfectly. Even the most painful and difficult experiences are working for our greater good.

Nothing has gone wrong and everything is unfolding perfectly. We are perfect just as we are. When we graduate from the Earth school, we will reclaim our perfection. Then we will be able to see ourselves for who we really are, which is pure love and light.

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