Real you: You are not who you think you are

Real you

In this post, I would like to invite you to embark on a journey to self-discovery. Seen from a higher perspective, the physical world is intrinsically illusory by nature. It is like a virtual world and what is real is hidden from view. We are all like actors and actresses and our true identities are hidden behind the roles we are temporarily playing here on the Earth plane.

When you are on a spiritual ascension path, it is important to realize that you are not who you think you are, meaning that the outer you that you believe to be you is not the real you. It is only a role you are temporarily playing here on the Earth plane. The real you exists beyond the limitations of time and space, and is silently observing you, while repeaping benefits from your life experiences on the Earth plane.

I will introduce to an exercise that will help you to experience the real you who exists beyond the limits of space and time. If you correctly practice this exercise, you will be able to see past the illusion to experience the real you.

Self-discovery could be an extremely daunting task, but it can be immensely rewarding efforts.


Pre-exercise questions

Before you start the exercise, ask yourself the following questions.

What is my name? Am I male or female? What is my background? What is my personality like? What do I look like?

Try to answer those questions as thoroughly as possible and then examine those answers very carefully. You may be white male, married, financially stable and in the prime of manhood. Or you may be a young Asian single mother with two children. Or you may be a university student, struggling to make ends meet and finish your studies. No matter who you are, the real you has nothing to do with any of the descriptions you have provided above. You are not your name. You are not your body. You are not your personality.

Think of yourself as an onion. We will start an onion-peeling exercise to remove everything that you consider to be you in order to reach the core where exists the real you.

Self-Discovery Exercise

Step 1: Remove everything that can be changed

Let’s begin the exercise. We are going to remove everything that is not the real you. Anything that can be changed is not the real you. So we will start by removing everything that can be changed, such as your name, gender, nationality, profession, and age.

Think of your name. Are you your name? If your name is Thomas, can you change your name to Bob? If you change your name to Bob, do you become a different person?

Now think of your gender. Are you male or female? If you are male, you may feel appalled by the idea of wearing a skirt on the street. If you are female, you may find it repulsive to show your body hair on the street. Ask yourself why you would feel that way. Wouldn’t it be simply because you were conditioned to follow certain norms of society? Now imagine yourself undergoing a sex-change operation. Will you become a different person? Now would you suddenly prefer pink instead of blue? Would you prefer an action movie instead of a drama? As you see, the real you has nothing to do with your gender. So remove your name and your gender.

Now, continue to explore everything else that you associate yourself with and that can be changed. For example, it can be your nationality, social position, your profession, your role in the family, your age and so on. Eliminate them all.

Step 2: Remove your body

Next, you will remove your body. Many of us attach ourselves to our bodies the most. Many of us erroneously believe that we can attain happiness by making our bodies happy. Many of us also think that our bodies are ours. However, we are not our bodies, nor do we own our bodies.

Think of your body. Your body follows its own mechanism and its pre-programmed course. If you were your body or you owned it, why would it be so difficult to control it? Your body is not you nor is it yours. You were given a body in order to successfully undertake this journey in the physical dimension. When you finish your journey on the Earth plane, you will return your body to where it truly belongs – Earth. Your body will disintegrate but you will continue to forge ahead with your journey. Keep in mind that while your body exists in the illusory world of physicality, the real you remains intact from the illusion. It does not age with time nor is affected by external influences.

With this in mind, detach yourself from your body. Stop identifying yourself with your body and see yourself existing beyond your physical body. Now remove your body in its entirety.

Step 3: Remove your personality

After removing your body, go deeper into yourself. You are likely to identify yourself with your personality. However, your personality is not you. Your personality serves you while you pursue your journey on the Earth plane. At the hour of your death, your personality will be released as well, yet you will not disappear. Remember that you are not your personality and remove your personality.

Step 4: Remove everything else that has nothing to do with the real you

Now, you don’t have a name. You don’t have a body. You don’t even have a personality. With this in mind, continue to eliminate everything else that you have been associating yourself with. Do you think of yourself as a kind-hearted person or a spiritual seeker? Eliminate your association with kindness and spiritual advancement from your mind. Continue to get rid of everything you have been associating yourself with or attached yourself to.

Try to suspend your sense of reality momentarily. Relinquish your ego for a while. While engaging in this self-exploration, pause all mental activities. When certain memories surface to your mind, observe them silently. They will fade away.

Step 5: Finding the real you

When you manage to remove everything that is not the real you, you will be finally left with something you won’t be able to remove anymore. Now you have reached the innermost core, the essence of you that has been concealed for such a long, long time. This is the real you, who exists beyond the limitation of time and space. The real you who has been silently watching everything you do since your birth in this physical world. Feel the spaciousness in your heart as you connect to the real you.

Tao Universe

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