Why we should embrace pain and suffering with love

Pain and suffering

In the course of our lives, we are subject to much pain and suffering. When we experience pain and suffering, some of us blame it on our karma. In certain Asian countries, people in power often manipulated the concept of karma to soothe the discontentment of the public. People in power urged the people to accept their current life conditions because it was their karma!

In our days, some of us still hold a similar notion of karma. There are those who begrudgingly endure pain, believing that they have to suffer as a result of the sins that they committed in their past lives. However, karma is not about punishment. Karma is about balance and healing.

We are not passive recipients but active participants when it comes to karma. Yes, pain and suffering arise because our karma necessitates them. But they are not about punishment. Pain and suffering can be a useful tool for our souls to purify energy and restore balance. Karma is working for our higher good.

pain and suffering

Why do we generate painful experiences in life?

Most of us were incarnated on this planet many times before, leading various lives. Think of it this way: During the course of our numerous incarnations, we may have created all kinds of karmic debts and negative energies, which would have created a certain imbalance at the soul level.

A balance that is broken must be restored. For example, if we led the life of a wealthy man who was arrogant, haughty, and pompous, we may have created an imbalance at the soul level, which may have to be balanced by the opposite experience – poverty and humility. Thus, we could be plagued with poverty and “duly” suffer in this lifetime.

If we led the life of a haughty, beautiful woman who misused her beauty and broke many men’s hearts, this may have to be balanced by the opposite experience. Thus, we could constantly experience one-sided love or rejection in this lifetime, thereby getting our hearts broken again and again. It is not punishment since the problem has been created for the benefits of our souls.

In our lifetimes, our souls will continue to challenge the aspects of our lives that need to come into balance. No matter how unpleasant it may be, it needs to be embraced as an important step in our spiritual evolution. As we restore balance at the soul level, it animates our interior light.

We can think of it as the laundry process. When we put our clothes in the washing machine and push the button, water pours in and starts to swirl everything around. Depending on the mode we choose, the washing process could be intensive or gentle. Pain and suffering are, at the soul level, akin to the cleaning process. This time, we are not cleaning our clothes. We are cleansing our energies by paying off karmic debts and restoring balance at the soul level.

Some people chose this process to be relatively gentle, choosing to progress gradually and leaving some of the tasks to the next lifetimes. There are also others who chose rapid advancement, wanting to take as much leap as possible during this lifetime. The more rapid and intensive this process is, the more painful it would feel for the personality.

But alas, oblivious to the spiritual benefits that we are reaping at a deeper level, many of us have made this purifying process really a dreadful experience by brewing resentment, self-pity or bitterness.

Look beneath the surface

In the face of trial, we easily become depressed and resentful. We create so much negative energy whenever a distressing circumstance afflicts our lives.

However, we never know what is really occurring behind the pain and suffering. Our society has not taught us to look beyond the surface. Our society has taught us to value external aspects of life so much that we seldom look past the surface. Therefore, many of us fail to see the broad picture.

Think of it this way. When we experience pain and suffering, it is an opportunity to restore balance, purify ourselves, and to animate our interior light. It is an occasion that brings us closer to our souls and helps us to perceive life from a higher perspective.

You can be happy even in the midst of a painful experience

The best way to deal with painful situations is to embrace them with love, knowing that those situations were created for a reason and they actually serve our greater good. As I said in my previous posts, love is the best remedy for negative karma because by choosing love, we activate the most powerful energy in the Universe. Love has the power to heal and transmute our karma. When we embrace pain and suffering with love, they turn into a more pleasant experience.

As long as we are in this world of Yin and Yang, all of us will experience pain and suffering. However, it does not necessarily mean that we have to suffer. We are spiritual beings who have embarked on a physical journey. We are creator beings.

As creator beings, we have this innate ability to generate desired emotions regardless of circumstances. When we exercise this ability and choose to be happy even in the face of pain and suffering, yes, we can be happy in the midst of a painful experience, knowing that it is an opportunity for spiritual growth, healing, and transformation. 

We have to always keep in mind that the Universe is working perfectly and that pain and suffering actually serve our greater good. Even what we consider to be negative or bad karma is also working for our greater good.

If we can trust the Universe and shift our perspective, we will be able to recognize and appreciate gifts from painful experiences. Finally, we will be able to remain happy even in the midst of a painful experience


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