You can respond positively to a negative situation

In Activate the power of love energy to transform your life, I mentioned that we must respond to a negative situation with love in order to transform it. However, it is extremely difficult to practice it in real life.

For those of us who find it almost impossible to respond positively to what is unpleasant and hurtful in life, I’d like to share with you a Korean tale about a man named Cheo Yong that teaches us how to respond to difficult situations with love and joy.

In the story, Cheo Yong has a beautiful wife. But one day, the Devil seduces her and Cheo Yong’s wife ends up sleeping with the Devil. Cheo Yong catches the sight of it, but he sings and dances at the sight of her sleeping with the Devil. The Devil is overwhelmed by Cheo Yong’s behavior and promises never to come close to him again.

Cheo Yong

Respond to negative situations with love

Now let’s take a moment and let’s suppose that your husband or wife committed adultery. If this happens, how would you react? You would probably blame your loved one and feel hurt and betrayed. However, think of it this way. What if you had badly hurt someone in your past life? What if it is your karma to be wounded, in your turn, by another person?

You have to reap what you sow. Since you no longer remember what you did, you can very easily develop resentment, depression and the urge to revenge. If you do so, it is akin to sowing the seeds of another negative karma.

If you choose negative emotions in response to a negative situation, you will attract another negative experience into your life. There is no accident or coincidence in the Universe. Everything happens for a reason.

If you continue to react to a negative situation with negative emotions, you will continue to remain a slave to external circumstances. If you persistently activate love, however, you can end the pattern.

By choosing love, you are basically transforming the nature of a potentially devastating experience. Forgiveness goes hand in hand with love. You cannot send loving thoughts toward another person without genuine forgiveness.

Love is the most powerful energy of all. You can transform a negative experience into a positive one by resorting to the power of love energy. You can go one step further and actually rejoice in difficult times like Cheo Yong did in the story.

The story of Cheo Yong teaches that we are fully in control of our reactions to external circumstances and that we can offer positive reaction even to devastating circumstances.


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