Activate the power of love energy to transform your life

Power of love energy

As I already mentioned in You have the power to change karma, love is the most powerful energy in the Universe and we can resort to the power of love to transform any unwanted life situation.

When we resent a negative situation,  it further ties us to the situation. The more we resent something, the longer we will be tied to it. Therefore, in order to heal and transform a negative situation, we must accept and love it. When we resort to the power of love, we change the way we vibrate. As a result, our reality begins to change.

Unfortunately, however, our society has not taught us how to love and embrace an unpleasant situation. It has not taught us how to love those who hurt us. Our society has not taught us how to love unconditionally. Instead, it has programmed us to be conditional in our responses to external conditions. It has taught to make even love conditional. Naturally, we find it extremely difficult to respond to a negative situation with love.

We cannot change our lives in any significant manner, as long as we continue to offer the same conditional reactions to life situations. We need to be more creative with the responses that we offer. We have the ability to conjure up desired emotions regardless of external circumstances. We have not simply exercised this ability, since we have been all conditioned by society to follow certain behavioral patterns. If we saw a person laughing in response to tragic news, for example, most of us would probably find him delusional.

It is time to break the mold and take our power back. It is time to exercise our ability to generate desired emotions regardless of external circumstances. We can activate love in all situations if we use the power of our minds.

power of love

Love is unconditional

True love is unconditional. It does not come and go based on conditions or circumstances. True love embraces anything and everything. If true love is activated in our lives, it can free us from conditions.

In order to bring love to transform our reality, we have to nurture the capacity to embrace the disagreeables of life with love. When we encounter a difficult problem, many of us deal with it in such a negative manner that we end up generating more negative energies, creating more painful events albeit unintentionally.

No matter how painful we may feel inside, we still have the freedom to choose love and thus transform the situation. Love is the most powerful energy of all and it can create miracles in our lives.

Love makes us powerful. When we emanate love in the midst of a difficult situation, we activate the most powerful energy in the Universe, which will, in time, turn the negative experience into a positive one. If we can love those who hurt us, we have mastered the ultimate freedom, the freedom to choose our own feelings and emotions and the freedom to choose love and happiness regardless of external conditions.

Visualization method

In our daily lives, however, it takes incredible focus to be able to conjure up the emotion of love, especially in the midst of a negative situation. If you find it impossible to respond to a negative situation with love, you can use a simple visualization technique to activate the transformative power of love.

Imagine vortices of light of pure love radiating from your heart. Mentally direct this light of love to the negative situation that you want to transform. Direct it to those who are involved in it. See it penetrate their hearts. Literally soak them with this beaming light. Energy follows thought. As you make the visualization vivid, you are bringing this potent force called love into your life. 

In the next post, I will share with you a Korean story that teaches us how to embrace a difficult situation with love and how to rejoice in perceived misfortune. You will realize that it is not “crazy” to joyously react to hurtful situations and to even take delight in misfortune. You will see the power of offering a positive response to a negative situation. 

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