Negative karma: Change your perception and state of being

I will start today’s post with a story about a blind nun who embraces all the hardships of her life after she realizes that she is solely responsible for her own negative karma and that the hardships of her life ultimately serve her greater good.

The blind nun                      

There lived a young Buddhist nun who lost sight due to illness. Every day she went from one village to another to beg for offerings, and the villagers gave her a bowl of rice out of pity.

On a cold winter day, she was groping her way through a village when she slipped on the ice and tumbled into a deep ditch. The accident left her permanently crippled. Since then, she began to lament the hardship that accompanied the life of a physically challenged person. As a Buddhist nun she understood that she was responsible for her own negative karma. However, her life was so difficult that she could not help but resent her life and wonder what she could have done to deserve all the hardships.

As her self-pity mounted, she felt miserable inside. One night, she was chanting haltingly in a muffled sob when an ethereal voice of the Goddess of Mercy touched her ears. “Don’t be so disheartened, my child,” said the Goddess. Overwhelmed, she threw herself on her knees. “There’s something I want you to see,” the Goddess said again.

The voice of the Goddess felt so hypnotic that the nun was soon drifted into sleep. As she fell asleep, the nun had a dream, in which she was not blind and was able to see the world. The first sight that drew her attention was an extravagant parade of a noble man. She instinctively knew that the man perched on the floral seat was her former incarnation in her past life.

The nun kept a watch on this man who was surrounded by an imposing train of attendants. When he finished the parade the man descended from the seat and began to abuse his servants with no reason. She also saw the man receiving bribes, scheming to imprison innocent scholars, and hiring assassins to secretly kill his political foes. She was appalled by this ruthless statesman.

The next morning, she was still on her knees when she woke up. Reflecting on her dream, the nun murmured to herself, “Now I know what happened to me.” She nodded her head, realizing that she created her own negative karma and that being a blind Buddhist nun was actually a blessing on her part: Through her suffering, she was able to restore balance that was broken during her past life and to exhaust her karmic debts as well. As a blind nun, she was able to delve into the innermost space only a person without sight could reach.

Thanking the Goddess of Mercy for showing her past life, the nun never pitied herself again.

negative karma

Dealing with negative karma

Karma is not about punishment. It is about restoring balance. It is also about healing and cleansing. Therefore, every negative event in our lives can be seen as an opportunity to restore balance and transmute our negative karma.

While most people would consider it to be unfortunate to lead the life of a physically challenged person, it could actually constitute a remarkable opportunity that brings about balance, healing and spiritual growth.

There is no accident in the Universe. You never know what lessons are being learned and what karmic debts are being resolved in such painful circumstances.

Everything that happens in our lives is perfect for our spiritual growth. It is our response to difficult circumstances that creates pain and distress in our lives, not the circumstances themselves. In the story, the nun felt miserable beyond description, but when she saw the broad picture of her spiritual journey, she was able to make peace with her life and never pitied herself again.

As you see in the story, circumstances do not matter. It is our perception that matters. It is our response that matters. Our state of being is all that matters because from moment to moment, the external world reflects our inner state of being. Life is a mirror of our inner state

If you are unhappy with your life, do not try to change your life situations. Like the nun in the story, you need to shift your perception first. You have to look at everything in your life through a different perceptual lens. See if you can practice the following:

No matter what is happening in your life, know that you created it for your greater good. You could be plagued with a disease. You could be suffering from an abusive relationship. However, you never know what healing is taking place and what balance is being restored in those painful circumstances.

When you feel like a victim, say to yourself that you created the situation for your greater good. Make peace with your life. It will give you the ultimate power. It will give you the power to choose another reality by changing your perception and thereby your inner state of being.

You can also respond to negative events in your life with love. As mentioned in my previous post, love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. Love has the power to transform your negative karma to a more pleasant experience for you. When you choose love, you activate the most powerful energy in the Universe.

As mentioned in my previous post, there are also specific techniques to transmute negative karma, as well as negative karmic patterns and karmic habits that are deeply ingrained in all of us. I will make sure to introduce them to you in the future.