Earth Element: Relax, think less, and worry less

The Five Elements theory is a cornerstone of traditional Chinese and Korean philosophy and medicine. In today’s post I will move onto the Earth Element. Please note that the below content is for informational purposes only and is in no way is intended to be medical advice.

The Earth Element promotes nourishment and balance

After the summer reaches its climax, seething heat and the effulgent rays of the Sun loosen the grip on nature. As the summer fades, fields begin to display golden waves of grains and nature shows off its generosity, offering us plentiful grains and fruits that are seasoned and ready to be picked. This bounteous period of late summer corresponds to the Earth Element.

The Earth Element is associated with nourishment and balance. A healthy Earth Element also manifests in stability, accuracy, trustworthiness and a practical mind. As for seasons, it corresponds to late summer when Yang gives into Yin.

Spring and summer belong to Yang, while autumn and winter pertain to Yin. It is the Earth Element that takes up the smooth transition from the Yang phase to the Yin phase. In terms of Yin and Yang, the Earth Element represents a balance between these two forces, according to Taoist cosmology.

In our lives, the Earth Element corresponds to middle age years when we become increasingly more responsible, mature and dependable. As we reach the middle age, many of us shed the traits of the Fire Element to adopt the characteristics of Earth. Instead of seeking pleasure and passion, we look for security and stability.

Instead of focusing only on our own needs, we seek to create a better environment for our families. Our increased sense of self, reliability, compassion and maturity enable us to render services to other people whether they are our children, spouse or other community members. In family, this is the time when we could truly fulfill the role of parents.

As we approach the middle age, we also become more interested in practical matters and desire warm companionship instead of a “hot” romantic relationship, reflecting qualities of Earth. Some of us could also exhibit stubborn, narrow-minded, miserly or meddlesome qualities, which are negative qualities of this element.

The Earth Element’s tendency to accumulate could physically manifest in us when many of us gain weight in the middle age. It could also mentally manifest in us as we develop a strong desire to stock up material possessions such as a house, cars, furniture and clothes.

In our bodies, the spleen is the Yin organ of Earth and the stomach is the Yang organ of Earth. The Earth Element also governs our mouth, eyelids, lymph and digestive system.

Symptoms of an unhealthy Earth Element

If your Earth Element is imbalanced, you could be an obsessive worrier or a compulsive thinker. When your Earth is unhealthy, you could be extremely meddlesome as you become suspicious of everything and want to ensure that everything goes perfectly OK around you. For example, you could want to ensure that your spouse is not committing adultery behind your back. Consequently, you could be perceived to be narrow-minded, annoying or stubborn.

An imbalance in the Earth Element could also lead to an insatiable desire for approval. You could feel the need to fill up your inner emptiness with affection from outside. The insecurity could trigger the feeling of inadequacy that could make you extremely egocentric to the point of becoming uncaring of others’ feelings.

Physically, you could develop digestive problems, loose stools, stomach aches, obesity, edema, or bowel and intestinal disorders, including ulcers, gastric hyperacidity and inflammatory bowel disease.

earth element

Relax, think less, and worry less

Excessive thoughts and worries undermine the health of the spleen, as well as the balance of the Earth Element. Therefore, excessive thoughts and worries should be avoided in order to keep the Earth Element in balance.

Women are more likely to develop problems caused by excessive thoughts and worries. Women may need to pay more attention to them than men. In order to keep your Earth Element in balance, it is important to adopt a relaxed attitude about life.

If you want to keep your Earth Element healthy and balanced, relax your body and mind, think less, and worry less. Every experience in life is designed for optimal wholeness. Every event serves as an opportunity to learn and grow. With this in mind, see if you can practice the following even for a moment.

• Let go of all your worries.

• Do not get caught up in trivial matters.

• Remind yourself that the Universe is working perfectly.

The mind and the body are intricately connected. When you think less and worry less, it restores balance to your spleen and the Wood Element in your body.


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