Fire Element: Learn the value of balance

The Five Elements theory is a cornerstone of traditional Chinese and Korean philosophy and medicine. In my previous post, I talked about the Wood Element, the beginner of the Five Elemental cycle, and in today’s post I will move onto the Fire Element. Please note that the below content is for informational purposes only and is in no way is intended to be medical advice.

The Fire Element promotes joy and passion

Think of fire. What does it evoke in your mind? Probably, you will think of heat, passion or seething energy. The energetic force of the Fire Element manifests in summer, the south, the red color and the heated temperature.

The power of this energetic force reverberates in the woods on a roasting hot summer day when everything in nature is flourishing. Despite the smoldering heat, the heavily-clustered trees sport their verdure; the fully-blossomed flowers entice bees and butterflies; and the sounds of birds and insects charge the air with melodic euphony. It is the time of activities, energy, expansion and growth.

The most Yang in nature, it is the Fire Element that imbues us with buoyancy and gives our eyes a sparkle. In our lives, this element is associated with the period of our youth when our physical and mental capacities reach the peak.

According to the Five Elements theory, Fire energy promotes joy, love, passion, abundance, expansion and development. It also offers us inspiration, intuition and the desire to nourish an intimate relationship or friendship. Due to the radiant energy of Fire, our outer appearance tends to “glow” in our youth. Fire brings much passion into our lives and fills us with spirited vigor.

The Fire Element also tends to incite sexual energy in us. As a result, many of us become more sexually active in summer when the energy of Fire prevails in nature.

The Yin aspect of the Fire Element is embodied in the heart, while its Yang aspect is embodied in the small intestine. In our bodies, Fire governs our tongue, blood, arteries and circulatory system.

Symptoms of an unhealthy Fire Element

The Fire Element, if balanced, breathes much joy and passion into our lives. However, in order to enjoy enthusiasm, playfulness and healthy sexuality, we must keep this element in balance. When imbalanced, we could become hyperactive and over-exuberant. We could have an explosive personality coupled with an “annoying” loud laughter.

Do you know of a person who is rude, arrogant and feisty? Is this person susceptible to anxiety and perspiration? You might have resented this person for frequently getting on your nerves. However, this person could have an imbalanced Fire Element in his system.

Physically, an imbalance in the Fire Element could manifest in flatulence, pimples, tendency to blush, chest pain, palpitations, problems with the tongue, cardiac diseases and blood flux, among others. Given that the tongue is assigned to the Fire Element, an imbalance in this element could also lead to problems with speech such as bad articulation and stuttering.

fire element

Learn the value of balance

If you want to keep your Fire Element healthy, you will need to pay attention to overexcitement. When you are too excited, it puts pressure on your heart, organ of the Fire Element. This might sound bizarre to some of us, given that many of us want life filled with excitement. However, when excitement is excessive, it not only undermines the health of the heart, but it also disturbs the harmonious flow of our Qi energy. When excessive excitement unsettles our system, we could be subject to forgetfulness and mental confusion, among others.

While excitement is needed to spice up life, we should not go overboard with excitement, like all things in life. It is all about balance.

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