We are already perfect as we are

The external world cannot give us anything of real value

Most of us depend on the external world for happiness. We believe that material success or a perfect relationship will make us happy. However, numerous spiritual teachers taught us that the external world is illusory by nature. They repeatedly informed us that nothing outside of us can satisfy our deepest needs.

If you are looking for happiness, know that it is already within you at this very moment. If you lost a diamond in your house, you would not search outside of your house. Lasting happiness can be found only when we look within. In fact, everything we need is with us right now. We do not need to gain anything from the external world. True reality lies in us. We are “perfect” just as we are. This is what many spiritual teachers have taught us over and over.


We are perfect as we are

We live in a world that is governed by the dynamics of Yin and Yang. We live in a world of duality. We live in a world of contrasting experiences. In this world, we cannot have Yang without having Yin, and therefore, we will continue to go through both wanted and unwanted experiences. But that’s what we came here to experience. We came to Earth to experience ups and downs. We came to experience imperfections. We did not come here to experience perfect conditions. We did not come here to be a perfect person with no flaw. We wanted to experience the world of Yin and Yang. We wanted to learn through trial and error. That’s why we came here.

Most of us dread problems and challenges that we face on a daily basis. However, those problems and challenges are precisely what we came here to experience.

Many enlightened teachers both in the East and the West have taught us that the external world that we see with our five senses is intrinsically illusory. What is real is hidden from view. As long as we are in this world of illusion, we will always have flaws and imperfections.

However, seen from a higher perspective, we are already perfect as we are. We already have everything that we need. Our lives are already perfect as they are. There is nothing that is lacking in us.

It is time for us to recognize our perfection and return to the natural state of happiness. It is time for us to reclaim our birthright and exercise our right to happiness. It is an illusion to think that we must work hard to attain happiness. Everything we need is already with us and within us right at this moment. We are already perfect as we are. The Universe is already perfect as it is. Everything is already working perfectly.

Tao Universe

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