Happiness is our natural state


Achieving happiness in the world of Yin and Yang

Most of us are so immersed in the physical world, which is intrinsically illusory by nature, that we let external circumstances dictate our happiness and a sense of well-being.

Unfortunately, however, our world is governed by the dynamics of Yin and Yang, which means that we will continue to face both wanted and unwanted situations in our lives as long as we are here on the Earth plane. For example, as long as we seek pleasure, we will also experience pain, because pain and pleasure support and follow each other according to the philosophy of Yin and Yang.

When our happiness is tied to external circumstances, we cannot achieve lasting happiness, given that we will continue to experience both Yin and Yang in everything in life.

However, we can achieve lasting happiness when we realize that we are spiritual beings who have embarked on a physical journey and that we have the ability to create happiness regardless of external circumstances. Happiness is created from within and as spiritual beings, we have the ability to remain happy in all circumstances.

Everything in this world is intrinsically illusory by nature. When we look at suffering from a higher perspective, we realize that even suffering is actually an illusion created for our benefits.

With this in mind, we can remain equanimous and keep ourselves light-hearted. We can bring more consciousness into daily challenges of life and remain detached from the illusory world of physicality.

We can let go of our worries. We can let our spirits soar with joy no matter what happens around us. We do not have to take our lives too seriously. We can laugh. We can laugh at ourselves and laugh at all the absurdities of the external world. We can revel in inner freedom under any circumstances. It is our attitude, our perspective and our mindset that determine how free we feel inside. We can internally liberate ourselves from our education, religious bounds, social expectations and responsibilities.

As long as we lead a habitual existence, we cannot see past the veils of illusion. So long as we generate unconscious thoughts, emotions and actions, we cannot activate our spiritual selves. We can achieve absolute happiness even in the midst of pain and suffering when we align with our spiritual selves and start exercising our right to be happy apart from external conditions.


Happiness is our birthright

Happiness is our birthright. We can reclaim this birthright when we understand the illusory nature of the physical reality and refuse to let external conditions dictate our happiness.

Happiness is our natural state. We can return to this natural state when we are attuned to the higher flow of the Universe and connect to our source energy. We can exercise the God-given ability to create happiness apart from external conditions.

We can follow our hearts, experimenting with our lives in our own ways. When we wake up in the morning, our hearts should be overflowing with joy. When we go to sleep at night, there should be a feeling of peace and happiness in our hearts. Happiness is our natural state. We canĀ unload our emotional baggage and return to our natural state.

Once again, let us remember that we are spiritual beings who are on a physical journey. As spiritual beings, we can harness the ability to create desired emotions in any condition.


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