Ultimate freedom is already with us

Longing for ultimate freedom

There are those who risk their lives to climb the highest mountains. There are also those who enjoy such dangerous activities as bungee jumping or skydiving. Why would some people engage in activities that could put their lives to risk? Is it for happiness? Or is it for some kind of recognition? According to Korean Qigong master Min Jung-ahm, behind adventures, explorations, dangerous activities, and challenges lies a yearning for the sensation of ultimate freedom.

Every one of us is in the pursuit of freedom in one way or another. We long to be free from our responsibilities and obligations. We long to be free from our own expectations of ourselves and of others. We long to be free from our own egos. We long to be free from the pressing sensation of inner burdens that we feel inside.

However, we do not know exactly how to achieve it. Some people focus on worldly success, mistakenly believing that external power can bring them what they want. Yet, outer success often ends up creating more burdens in their hearts.

ultimate freedom

Ultimate freedom and absolute happiness

This is what we have to remember: Inner freedom is our birthright. We can reclaim this birthright and refuse to allow outside conditions to dictate our inner state. We are living in a universe which is governed by the dynamics of Yin and Yang. It means that there always will be both wanted and unwanted events in our lives. However, we have the freedom to feel whatever we choose to feel. We have the freedom and ability to remain happy even in the face of misfortune.

We achieve ultimate freedom when our inner state is no longer dictated by external conditions. We achieve ultimate freedom when we no longer depend on external conditions for happiness and well-being. Our state of being does not need to be tied to external circumstances. Our happiness does not need to be tied to external conditions.

What we go for is absolute happiness, not conditional happiness. We want happiness that remains unscathed no matter what. We have the ability to achieve happiness that flourishes in all conditions. Many spiritual teachers have taught us that happiness is created from within, not from outside. It means that we can attain happiness regardless of external circumstances.

Nothing outside can give us freedom. We do not have to attain anything. We do not have to wait for anything. Ultimate freedom is already here. It is already with us right now!


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