The Universe has opened doors

New Universe

As mentioned here, we are living in a time of major transition. The Universe is being ushered into a new era, and as a result, the nature of our dimension has been significantly transformed.

To start with, planet Earth has transformed herself. Earth is a life form that has a soul. She is alive, and like all life forms in the Universe, someday Earth will perish too. Earth is pursuing her own evolution, while simultaneously responding to humanity and its collective energy. There is an ineffable contract between Earth and humanity. She is keenly aware of the development of our species and is affected by our group consciousness. This time of transition also signifies a new phase for our planet as well.

With a new light of energy touching on our dimension, the Earth plane has enormously changed its energy system, which ended up narrowing the immense gap that existed between the physical world and the non-physical world. As a result, our thoughts impact our realities more rapidly than ever before. Our visualization also produces better and quicker results. The connection between a thought and its manifestation is no longer as ambiguous as it used to be.

With the change of the energy system, the nature of time has also greatly changed as well. Some of us who are time-sentient may have noticed that the elapse of time seems to fluctuate from day to day and that time has picked up speed. Sure, when we are doing tedious work, we feel like time drags and when we are having fun, we feel like time flies.

However, beyond that perception of time, the nature of time itself has actually changed to become more flexible. Today, if we do not efficiently use our time, we could be swarmed with all kinds of unmanageable responsibilities.


We can achieve enlightenment in our lifetimes

The world has changed. The Universe has changed. The world as we know of it has already ended. Now, we are ushering in a spiritual era. With the arrival of the spiritual era, the Universe has practically opened its doors to the masses in order for them to move up and evolve into spiritually evolved beings. In the past, many of wonderful spiritual teachings were guarded from the general public, and only those who achieved a high level of consciousness were able to access this type of information.

Now, various spiritual teachings that have been kept disclosed are being exposed to the general public. Spiritual enlightenment is no longer reserved for a selected few. We do not have to withdraw ourselves and become a recluse to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

We do not have to devote our entire lives to spiritual practices in order to achieve spiritual illumination. With this new light inundating the Earth plane, most of us can achieve rapid spiritual progress. We can achieve enlightenment in our lifetimes.



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