Cosmic season theory: The Universe has four seasons

Dawn of a new cosmic season

Have you ever gazed at the star-lit sky and felt awe-struck by the vastness of the Universe? Have you ever tried to picture the billions of stars and planets that exist out there? The scope of the Universe is so fathomless that it boggles our minds. When we really think about it, our existence seems to fade into insignificance by comparison. The standard of time becomes also colossal when it comes to cosmic time.

In my previous post, I mentioned that the Universe has four seasons and that the Universe is moving from the cosmic summer of Yang into the cosmic autumn of Yin.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Jeung San Do, which is a Korean syncretic religion, offers in-depth insights into the concept of cosmic season. I think that their theory of cosmic season is quite enlightening. In today’s post, I will borrow the teachings of Jeung San Do to shed light on the concept of cosmic season. Please note that I am not a follower of Jeung San Do. (I am actually critical of some of their teachings like Gaebyeok.)

One cosmic season spans 32,400 years

According to Jeung San Do, the duration of each cosmic season is a whopping 32,400 years. In the span of 129,600 years, the Universe comes in full circle by successively undergoing spring, summer, autumn and winter. According to Jeung San Do, we can think of the Universe as a farmer and humanity as his rice. The farmer/Universe sows us in spring, grows us in summer, reaps us in autumn and takes a rest in winter. All of us are indeed highly privileged to live in this time of monumental transition and experience the summer-to-autumn cosmic season transition.

From cosmic spring to cosmic winter

This is what Jeung San Do teaches: the current species of human beings set foot on Earth during the cosmic spring. We continued to evolve through the cosmic summer.

In the duration of one cosmic year, human beings can inhabit Earth for about 100,000 years. For the remainder of the cosmic year, Earth becomes inhabitable for human beings, as the planet ceases to nourish most life forms and enters a dormant state of repose. This time of profound rest corresponds to cosmic winter. The Ice Age that we learned in school may be the proof of cosmic winter, during which time most of Earth is carpeted with ice and snow. As our planet chooses to go into slumber, most human beings will disappear from the Earth plane. By the end of winter, we will be extinct from the Earth plane, to be followed by a new breed of human beings in the next cosmic spring.

Cosmic spring

Given that cosmic spring existed more than 32,000 years ago, our knowledge of this period is almost non-existent. We can only assume that they led an existence that was entirely different from ours. We can also safely assume that people in cosmic spring were free from violence and war. This may have been the period when humanity was akin to a compliant child. Since they did not succumb to their egos yet, they may have lived in perfect unison. In fact, a certain period in cosmic spring may very well correspond to the concept of Eden in Christianity and in Judaism as well as to the idea of the Golden Age in Roman and Greek mythology, according to Jeung San Do.

Cosmic summer

If humanity was a child in cosmic spring, it developed into a teenager in cosmic summer during which time humanity as a whole continued to evolve, according to Jeung San Do.

In cosmic summer, we started to initiate strife among ourselves just like rebellious teenagers. We began to pursue external power, experimenting with the material world. We began to take pleasure in bullying those who were weaker than us, bringing them to their knees whenever possible. Innumerable civilizations flourished and perished without a trace during this period.

During this cosmic season, the Earth plane was governed by uneven and turbulent currents of energy. Consequently, the world was harsh and people needed much physical and mental force to survive in this dimension. Humanity as a whole had not matured yet. Like a teenager whose life is a constant array of disorder, our existence was bumpy and rough on the Earth plane. Given that the density of matter was extremely severe during this time, most people were severed from divine powers.

We are not only physical beings, but also spiritual beings. Due to the wide chasm between the spiritual and the physical spheres, people were like little children left in the lurch. Many of them focused on physical reality, pursuing strictly external power. However, as their gaze was solely fixated on the outer world, emptiness, sorrow and desperation invariably saturated their hearts. Something essential was missing from their existence, but yet many of them still tried to fill the internal vacuum by exploring outside of themselves.

For the most part, people in the cosmic summer maintained little connection with spirituality. Some people strived to reach spiritual enlightenment. However, it was reserved only for a selected few and even for them it proved to be extremely painstaking efforts. In order to achieve spiritual illuminations, they were often required to devote their whole life to spiritual practices and persevere excruciating trials from the Universe such as unjust persecution, temptations, pain or denunciation by their families and peers.

cosmic autumn

Cosmic autumn

According to Jeung San Do, humanity will fully mature during the cosmic autumn. During this time, humanity as a whole finally matures into a well-grounded adult.

If the cosmic summer was an era of physicality, the cosmic autumn is an era of spirituality. If the cosmic summer was characterized by logic, development and science, the cosmic autumn will be characterized by intuition, self-exploration and spirituality. If the cosmic summer saw the rise of external power, the cosmic autumn will see the rise of love and internal power.

Since the late 20th century, refined golden energy currents have poured down on Earth. With the cosmic season transition, the power of the energy intensified even more, allowing us to reach spiritual enlightenment in our lifetimes and making spiritual enlightenment possible even for the masses. The energy of the Universe is much softer, lighter and more harmonious than ever before.

The summer-to-autumn cosmic season transition also coincided with the ascent of human consciousness. During the cosmic summer, most people who were unaware of their own inner power awaited a savior to bring a light into their existence. Today, we are beginning to realize that we are our own saviors. We are learning to draw potent power from within, as we learn to pursue internal power.

If those in the old cosmic season were five-sensory, we are transforming ourselves into six-sensory human beings gifted with six-sensory sensitivity. We realize that the invisible, spiritual realm is as real and important as physical reality.

Human beings are constantly aided by spiritual guides and teachers who transmit loving energies from higher dimensions. In cosmic summer, there was such a rupture between our dimension and higher dimensions that it was not easy to receive their guidance. In cosmic autumn, the energy system of the Earth plane becomes so harmonious that it is now much easier for us to receive guidance from higher dimensions.

Owing to the energies of the new cosmic season, as well as the help of spiritual guides, a great number of people have been already awakened. They are being guided on their journeys to spiritual evolution. The consciousness of humanity is being transformed at the global scale. We are evolving into spiritual beings.

Spirituality will be a daily aspect of our lives in cosmic autumn, as we infuse spirituality into our daily Earth lives. In cosmic autumn, we will learn to live in complete harmony and demolish barriers between us. Jeung San Do predicts that in cosmic autumn, we will construct a harmonious civilization that would have been considered as paradise by those who lived in cosmic summer.

Cosmic winter

According to Jeung San Do, the current species of human beings will be extinct on the Earth plane by the end of cosmic winter. Although this prospect of total extinction may sound distasteful to many of us, everything comes to an end and so will the existence of our species, according to Jeung San Do.



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