Yang to Yin transition on earth

Yin era is coming

In Korea, I have an uncle who teaches taichi and meditation. He has devoted his entire life to spiritual practices and naturally, he possesses a lot of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. When I was young, my uncle told me a story that captivated my imagination.

According to him, the Universe has four seasons and we are currently undergoing a major transition of cosmic seasons, from cosmic summer to cosmic autumn. He said basically, we are moving from cosmic summer to cosmic autumn, which also means that we are moving from an era of Yang to an era of Yin, given that summer is Yang and autumn is Yin.

According to my uncle, it is the Yang energy that governed the dynamics of the Universe in the cosmic summer of Yang, but it is the Yin energy that will govern the dynamics of the Universe in the cosmic autumn of Yin.

I was fascinated by the concept of cosmic season and the Yang to Yin transition in the Universe. Consequently, I explored this subject with interest. In today’s post, I will talk about this transition based on the Taoist principle of Yin and Yang and the philosophical teachings of Jeung San Do.

However, I will present this topic in a very simplistic manner with some generalization, for those who are not familiar with the characteristics of Yin and Yang.

The rise of Yin in the new era

Yang is ascending, expanding and warming energy that promotes development and growth, while Yin is descending, contracting and cooling energy that promotes condensation and maturity. Therefore, in the cosmic summer of Yang, Yang leads the Universe in order to help all life forms to grow. In the cosmic autumn of Yin, it is Yin that guides the Universe to help all life forms to fully mature.

Yang is aggressive, dominating, expanding and separating. In the past, the strong impact of the Yang energy was manifest at every level on the Earth plane. The world was divided into many different countries, never ceasing to create tensions and wars among themselves. Even in the same country, different groups of people were incessantly brought into discord among themselves. Due to the nature of Yang, everything was diversified in the era of Yang. Even religions diverged from one another and clashed with each other. Instead of focusing on a spiritual path, religions placed more emphasis on dogma, rituals and doctrines.

Given that Earth was governed by Yang, the world was harsh and those with power had no qualms about abusing their muscles. A nation with power preyed upon a weaker country, trying to oppress its people and exploit its resources. The principle of the survival of the fittest governed the world. Yang is the energy that expands outwardly and promotes external traits. Due to the strong impact of Yang, people valued external power and thus worshiped those who attained substantially recognizable external power such as war heroes, political leaders or reputed scholars

In the 20th century, Yang’s proclivity to divide and separate seems to have reached its peak in certain areas, like a flame that flickers brightest before it extinguishes.

Seen from this viewpoint, it is not surprising that egoism, individualism and materialism engulfed the majority of the industrialized nations in the 20th century, throwing morals and values into disorder and increasing a sense of loneliness in people. Due to an immense gap created between science and spirituality, the destructive aspects of our civilization have become so elaborate that they began to threaten the very survival of our species.

However, with the Yang-Yin transition in the Universe, Yin energy is simultaneously emerging as the new guiding force on Earth, so to speak. While Yang inclines toward separation, Yin seeks harmonization. While Yang diversifies all things, Yin unites them. Step by step, the world will move toward harmony as the Yin energy begins to wield its influence on our society.

Yin’s influence has already manifested in the mounting interest in self-exploration through meditation, psycho-therapies or past life regressions. While “exterior” is Yang, “interior” is Yin. With the impact of Yin, people are increasingly turning inward and in doing so, the concept of power is slowly transforming.

In the era of Yang, people considered power as something exclusively external. They equated power with the capacity to influence the outer world. Therefore, political clout, a high social status, financial prowess and prestigious family backgrounds were all considered to be important elements of power.

With the arrival of a Yin era, we are coming to the realization that true power lies within. We begin to believe that inner peace and inner happiness are as important as external success. Therefore, many of us seek to attain inner power through the cultivation of “self.” Never in history have so many people shown such interest in spirituality, meditation, yoga and taichi. As the new era of Yin unfolds, the notion of power will be transformed.

yin era

The era of female empowerment

My uncle once said: Congratulations to all women. Your time has come.

With the dawn of the Yin era, an era of female empowerment is indeed on its way. In the era of Yang, men, representation of the Yang energy, trampled on women, representation of the Yin energy. In the course of our history, a countless number of women were oppressed, stepped over, and exploited by men.

However, based on the Yin Yang principle, we can safely predict that in the new era, women will be no longer oppressed in the way they were in the era of Yang. In the Yin era, female qualities will be greatly appreciated. Given the nature of Yin energy, however, women will not oppress men the way men did to women in the Yang era. Instead of one gender trampling on the other, the harmonization of two genders will probably be achieved in the era of Yin, and this is what we can loosely foresee based on the characteristics of Yin.



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