Yin type vs. Yang type: Which type are you?

Yin types and Yang types

Have you ever heard the term “Yin type” or “Yang type?” When we directly compare men with women, men are Yang and women are Yin. However, beyond gender, there are Yin type people and Yang type people, which is determined by their physical constitutions and personalities.

Physically, Yin-type people tend to be more slender, softer and smaller, while Yang-type people tend to be more muscular, stronger and bigger. Yin types tend to prefer activities that do not require a lot of physical strength or an excessive amount of energy. Yang types tend to possess much energy and stamina, and thus they are fit to engage in labor work and strenuous outdoor activities.

Although Yang types tend to exhibit more vigor, it does not necessarily mean that they are healthier than Yin types. Yang types tend to enjoy activities and movement. It is harder for Yang types to appreciate tranquility and motionless relaxation, the state our bodies need from time to time. To the contrary, Yin types have a tendency to need a quieter and less hectic environment. Consequently, they are less prone to physical stress and their life-span tends to be longer.

Personality-wise, Yin types tend to be more passive, shy, timid, caring, sensitive, and quiet, while Yang types tend to be more aggressive, active, outgoing, ambitious and goal-oriented. Therefore, Yang types tend to be more productive and tend to achieve more external success.

For example, if a person with a lot of Yang qualities competes with a person with a lot of Yin qualities, the Yang person is likely to surpass the Yin person, given that our Yang-oriented society is constructed in a way that values Yang qualities.

Between men and women, men are more of Yang types and women are more of Yin types. Consequently, men in general are bigger, stronger and more energetic, exhibiting more drive than women. Since women are more of Yin types, they are more fit to play a nourishing role according to the principle of Yin and Yang.

Between Caucasians and Asians, Caucasians are more of Yang types and Asians are more of Yin types. Therefore, Caucasians are generally taller, bigger, and more muscular than Asians. The differences in their Yin-Yang disposition are seen in their respective culture as well.

Again, the Yin and Yang categorization should be understood to be relative, not absolute. The notion of Yin types and Yang types transcends gender and race. Thus, we can find Yin types among men and Yang types among women.

Yin types Yang types

Are you a Yin type or Yang type?

Try to answer the following questions to see if you are more of a Yin type or Yang type.

Do you have cold hands or cold feet?

1) Yes, all the time

2) Yes, often

3) Sometimes

4) No, not usually

5) No, extremely rarely

How is your skin?

1) I have a very moist skin

2) I have a somewhat moist skin

3) My skin is not too moist, not too dry either

4) I have a somewhat dry skin

5) I have a very dry skin

What is your voice like?

1) I have a pretty soft and gentle voice.

2) I have a relatively soft voice

3) My voice is not too soft; it is not too loud either.

4) I have a relatively loud voice

5) I have a pretty loud voice.

Do you think you have insatiable desires?

1) No, not at all.

3) I do not have many insatiable desires.

5) Yes. I have a lot of desires that seem insatiable. I feel like I don’t even know how to sate them.

How energetic are you?

1) I am not energetic at all. I lack energy all the time.

2) I am not energetic. I feel like a lazy person.

3) I am not very energetic, but I am not lazy either.

4) In general, I am pretty energetic even though I have my moments of fatigue.

5) I am full of energy. I don’t know where it is coming from.

Which of the following describes your general mood and emotions most accurately?

1) I am prone to fear, depression or sadness. I rarely smile and I feel heavy most of the time.

3) Sometimes, I have my shares of dark moments. But I also feel hopeful and at ease.

5) People always think that I am a happy person because I look so cheerful and upbeat.

When you are on a bus or on a train, do you easily fall asleep?

1) Yes, I fall asleep very easily and can sleep well.

2) Yes, I fall asleep easily, but the sleep is pretty shallow.

3) Sometimes, I fall asleep. Othertimes, I cannot

4) Only when I am very tired.

5) No, I very rarely sleep on a bus or train. I just can’t.

Which of the following describes you the best?

1) I lead a tranquil and serene life. I can relax myself easily and reflect on something for hours. I love my solitary existence.

3) I enjoy a tranquil and serene life. I love to be by myself. But I also need to socialize with other people. Life is all about a balance.

5) I am always on motion. I am always doing something. I often neglect sleep. People often ask me if I have taken an excessive amount of coffee.

Which of the following aptly describes your attitude?

1) I am pretty shy and passive

2) I am somewhat shy and passive

3) I am not very timid or passive. But I am not very aggressive either

4) I am somewhat aggressive

5) I am very aggressive

How would you rate your sex drive?

1) Low

3) Average

5) High

How active are you?

1) Not active

3) Average

5) I am very active

Do you consider yourself to be intuitive?

1) Yes, I am very intuitive

2) Yes, I guess so

3) Maybe a little bit

4) No, I am not.

5) No. I am a logical person. I always use my mind and intellect to make decisions.

Which of the following describes you the best?

1) I am introverted

2) I am somewhat introverted

3) I am not really introverted, but I am not outgoing either

4) I am somewhat outgoing

5) I am very outgoing

1) and 2) are characteristics of Yin type people, and 4) and 5) are characteristics of Yang type people. If you review your answers, you would be able to determine whether your are a Yin type or a Yang type. However, please note that very few people are a Yin/or Yang type in all aspects of their lives. Most people possess varying proportions of Yin and Yang qualities, which also fluctuate.

For example, you could be very active when you are newly wedded or move into a new house, but you could become lethargic when there is not special movement in your life. Similarly, your personality, sex drive, or physical constitutions could fluctuate.

Many of us have a tendency to swing between Yin qualities and Yang qualities. It should be our goal to integrate the qualities of Yin and Yang and achieve a certain equilibrium state. Ironically, once we achieve a balance between these two qualities, we can consciously switch at will between Yin qualities and Yang qualities, as we see fit.

For example, when we are at a party, we can present ourselves to be outgoing and confident. But yet, when we are in a meditation session, we can keep ourselves serene, calm and focused.

Yin and Yang

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