Yin Yang philosophy: You can be happy even in misfortune

Yin Yang Philosophy: Every misfortune comes with hidden gifts

We live in a fast-faced world where everything is constantly changing. In this world, many of us are prone to formulate a quick judgment about everything that happens in our lives. As we are so reactive, we automatically respond to a given situation with a certain emotion.

We easily become frustrated or annoyed in response to life events on a daily basis. Our happiness is determined by external circumstances and in the process, we become slaves to external factors of life.

However, we can liberate ourselves from the external factors when we integrate the Yin Yang philosophy (philosophy and Yin and Yang) into our daily lives. According to the Yin Yang philosophy, there is nothing that is purely good or bad in life. While Yin and Yang express polarity in everything, they not only oppose each other, but also complement and nurture each other. Unlike the concept of dualism, there is Yang within Yin and there is Yin within Yang.

Yin Yang philosophy

You can liberate yourself from external circumstances

Before we go further, let’s take a moment to examine the dynamics of Yin and Yang. According to the Yin Yang philosophy, Yin and Yang mutually balance, create, regulate, penetrate and consume each other. They also nurture and restrain each other. One cannot exist without the other. When one reaches its zenith, it necessitates the appearance of the other. Followings are some examples.

-When you expose your body to cold (Yin) for a long period of time, your body reacts to it by generating fever (Yang).

-The state of ecstasy and extreme joy (Yang) created by drug abuse is followed by lethargy and depression (Yin).

-When you are hot (Yin), you want cool air (Yin). When you are cold (Yin), you want warm air (Yang).

-When you participate in an overly strenuous activity (Yang), you want to take a good rest (Yin).

-After long hours of sleep (Yin), you want to get up and become active again (Yang).

In terms of dualist thinking, pain and pleasure clearly oppose each other. However, when we look at pain and pleasure from the viewpoint of Yin Yang philosophy, pain and pleasure not only oppose each other, but also support and follow each other. According to the Yin Yang philosophy, there are elements of pleasure in pain and vice versa. What is the current source of pleasure can quickly turn into a source of pain, unless we do something about it in advance.

Similarly, there is fortune in misfortune and misfortune in fortune. This is just hidden from view. When we take this philosophy to heart, we can handle obstacles in our daily lives with more serenity.

Yin and Yang philosophy

You can remain happy in the face of misfortune

When something goes wrong in our lives, we can look for hidden gifts instead of feeling frustrated. There is Yang in Yin and Yin is always followed by Yang. Therefore, every misfortune (Yin) is accompanied by hidden gifts (Yang). We can find hidden blessings in every misfortune and turn around the situation.

If we remain calm and positive when a negative event occurs, the power of the Universe will transform the negative event into a positive experience in a magical way, given that Yang always follows Yin. However, if we continue to negatively react to seemingly unfavorable life situations, we will keep generating negative energy, which will, in turn, keep us stuck in a negative cycle.

Likewise, when something wonderful happens, it also comes with shadows or hidden problems. No matter how wealthy we may become for example, there will be also Yin and Yang in that wealth as well. That is why far too often, the happiness and joy we attain from achieving our goal turn out to be short-lived and the feeling of satisfaction is so fleeting. No matter what marvelous event may happen to us, our personalities will not remain satisfied for long, and we will continue to face Yin and Yang in everything in life, as long as we are on this earth plane which is governed by the dynamics of Yin and Yang.

According to the Yin Yang philosophy, we will continuously experience both wanted and unwanted events in our lives. Therefore, the philosophy teaches us to remain detached from external circumstances. Our emotional state does not have to be dictated by external circumstances. Our happiness does not have to be determined by outside conditions. Happiness is our natural state. We can find happiness even in the midst of a sorrowful experience. We can find happiness right here where we are right now. When we use the power of the mind, we can achieve happiness through the sheer intent to be happy because happiness is generated from within, not from outside. Even if we do not yet know how, we can still affirm to ourselves that we can achieve happiness apart from external conditions. This is the starting point and it will help us to gradually develop detachment.  

If we continue to unconsciously react to life situations, we cannot achieve lasting happiness since there always will be ups and downs in our life situations. However, we can decide to remain detached from our life situations and be happy and optimistic no matter what happens. Knowing that we can achieve happiness in any condition, we can liberate ourselves from external factors of life here on the earth plane, which is governed by the dynamics of Yin and Yang.

Ultimately though, nothing really goes wrong in life from a higher perspective. Remember that the Universe is perfect and everything is working perfectly. What we perceive with our five senses is extremely limited. We never know what is truly good or bad from a higher perspective. Something infinitely powerful is working behind this illusion of physical reality.

Yin Yang philosophy

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